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Antwone Harris, MBA, CFP®, RICP®

Antwone Harris has always been fascinated with finance. In fact, if you were to spot him on vacation, you would likely find him lying on the beach reading finance articles or researching stocks. “It was always my passion,” he says. Antwone is a financial advisor with nearly two decades of experience. His career has taken him from being among the top 5% of advisors in the country for Charles Schwab* to features in the Wall Street Journal, a host of other magazines, and on television as a subject matter expert. Now, Antwone is fulfilling his passion as the founder and chief planning strategist at Platinum Bridge Wealth Strategies, which he launched in 2017. The Washington, D.C.-based firm focuses specifically on retirement income planning, and has clients across the U.S. People come to Antwone in the years immediately preceding retirement to help them transition into a new phase of life.


With a considerable background in investments and finance outside of retirement planning, Antwone initially worked with hundreds of clients who were successful professionals in the middle of their careers. Over the years, his client’s needs changed as they approached retirement age; and Antwone found himself focused more and more on the unique questions surrounding retirement and the next phase of their life. He therefore decided to focus specifically on retirement planning and became a Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP®), a designation earned after completing a rigorous program focused on generating income in retirement and managing every aspect of retirement planning.  Antwone also holds the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation as well as certificates in Medicare planning, Social Security planning, and tax planning for retirees.


Twenty years ago, Antwone was a graduate from Georgetown University with an MBA in finance, day-trading his own account during the dot-com era.  After all of the years that he has been in the business, his passion for helping people with their finances hasn’t dwindled a bit. The planning phase is his favorite.  He guides his clients through a planning effort that he calls the 7 Pillar Process™, where he and his clients work closely through a comprehensive planning effort that addresses the major areas of risk that all retirees face. “Investments have become a commodity, so I don’t believe that there is as much value on the investment side,” he says. “I believe the value for my clients is on the planning side.” For each client, he creates not one, but two plans: the first is to ensure the client has enough to retire on, and the second is to optimize the distributions to reduce risk, prolong the useful life of the client’s assets and mitigate taxes when possible.  He then devises a comprehensive investment strategy to align with the overall planning effort.  Each plan is carefully crafted to cover every aspect of a client’s life in retirement. The plans cover healthcare (Medicare), Social Security claiming strategies, property and any mortgage/debt management, estate planning, tax minimization strategies, and more. The result is a game plan that allows his clients to retire without worrying about money so that they can focus on enjoying the next phase of their life.


In addition to helping clients make the most of their retirement, Antwone is also dedicated to helping his community. He serves on the board of Bright Beginnings, a nonprofit organization that serves unhoused children in the D.C. area. He is also  a member of Leadership Greater Washington, an organization of business leaders from all industries who come together to solve the city’s most pressing issues, including poverty, education needs, and homelessness.  When it comes to consistently providing outstanding service to clients and the community alike, Antwone is inspired by a quote from former president Calvin Coolidge: “Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence.”



Antwone Harris

Chief Planning Strategist — Platinum Bridge Wealth Strategies




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