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April Parsons

A native Nevadan, April Parsons was born in Las Vegas and has always lived and worked in the state she’s proud to call home. For two decades, she had flourished as an expert in community association management, with a career that spanned from working with smaller management companies and large national firms to involvement in acquisitions and mergers to the board of directors for the Nevada Community Associations Institute (CAI), where she also served as president. By 2014, as she marked her twentieth year in the industry, working as an executive with a large management company, April had amassed extensive experience in managing communities of all sizes—from small to a variety of master planned developments consisting of single-family homes, condominiums, or townhomes. But, to her, something was missing from an industry dedicated to serving people—attention to the people themselves, both the residents and leaders of these communities. She was determined to change it.


That same year, April left the corporate world to found Prime Community Management, a firm that sees themselves as more than just a management company, but as a part of the very communities they serve. Prime specializes in multiple types of homeowner associations, including single family, condominiums, townhouses, master plan communities, and new developing communities—but with a boutique style that puts the people at the center and an unwavering dedication to delivering total peace of mind. Driving it all is their guarantee to “make your community the ideal home for you and your neighbors.” And with 24-hour accessibility and accountability, customized management, and financial planning, they mean it. “I wanted to build my company around serving the client their way, not our way, or in a way that fit within a narrow model or definition of client service as defined by the corporate ‘playbook,’” April explains. “I’m not just serving this community—I’m part of this community. I was born here, raised here, and these are my people, my neighbors, my community, and they matter to me.”


In 2018, just four years after opening their doors, Prime was recognized as CAI Management Company of the Year, and today, they’ve grown into one of the largest community management companies in Nevada, with two offices in Las Vegas serving over 115 communities with over 25,000 homeowners, as well as builders and developers. “We’re spreading sunshine throughout Nevada communities,” she shares.


We spoke with April to learn more about what makes Prime so different, how communities are flourishing as a result, and what drives her boundless passion to serve them.


How is Prime different from other community management companies?


We are a boutique style management company and tailor our services to the association’s needs. Our methods provide a unique outlook on association management. Having managed many different types of communities, we’ve always been influential in implementing solutions to help them achieve their objectives. Excellence is essential. We utilize advance equipment and systems to perform our job, but that will never take the place of the caring people who work for our communities. Prime’s purpose is delivering total peace of mind.


How is Prime’s unique management style contributing to the success of your clients’ communities?


Prime’s company culture is in alignment with the association’s expectations in customer care. We maintain a respectful, courteous, and friendly atmosphere both in the office and at off-site offices. Our staff forms a partnership with the board of directors to provide the most effective management of our clients’ communities. Our success comes from professional trust and guidance to assist the board in the everyday operations. Our staff is accessible, financial statements are timely and accurate, phone calls and emails are returned daily, and our communities flourish as we place a value on time and understand our clients are volunteers. We have several communities that are in the first phases of development, and we work with our developers and builders to ensure the community is set up for success.


What do you enjoy most about your work, or what drives you?


I enjoy having the opportunity to turn a negative outlook of a homeowner association into a positive experience. In the past, I’ve worked for management companies, both private and corporate, and feel that I bring a unique perspective to community management. I’m very hands on and enjoy working with my Prime family. I was born in Las Vegas, and this is my home, if I can provide an ounce of positive influence on my community that is what I intend to do. I truly believe that when you summon your courage to make changes, amazing things can happen.


April is a Supervising Community Manager in the State of Nevada and holds Association Management Specialist (AMS) and Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) designations from the Community Associations Institute (CAI).


April Parsons

Founder and President — Prime Community Management




Instagram: _aprilrose_

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