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Ariana Mangum
Co-Founder, Nummata


With her wealth of experience and expertise in financial and retirement planning, Ariana Mangum founded an investment firm that focuses on clients who want a sophisticated automated approach to investing. Established in 2017, her company, Nummata was developed to expertly assist each individual client with creating and ultimately achieving their financial goals.

The experienced advisors at Nummata take complex risk analysis, investment strategy and advisory services and combine them into a simple, easy to understand platform. Their goal is to help ensure that clients are invested in a low-cost, tax-efficient portfolio that gives them peace of mind while accelerating their financial retirement goals. The greatest advantage of this platform is the extremely low fee of .35%.  This allows investors of all account sizes to take advantage of expert advice without the hefty price tag of a traditional financial advisor.  Someone with $10,000 may keep their money in a savings account to avoid investment costs, but when its only $35/year it becomes more attractive.

Ariana credits her journey into the world of finance and investments with an experience that she had when she was back in college. She explained that while in the middle of a conversation with a friend, she realized that she did not know the difference between a traditional IRA and a Roth IRA.  Overhearing the conversation, the friend’s mother chimed in and starting giving investment advice, however the advice was geared towards a person in their late fifties, not someone in their early twenties. She felt that there should be investment portfolios for a younger generation. She took that passion and experience with her throughout her financial and business education and her journey into a role as an advisor and wealth planning manager. When Nummata was founded, the business focused on offering professionally developed portfolios geared to younger investors.  This philosophy of small, disciplined behavior can help a younger client to save and invest over a long period of time.

Ariana recently tapped into her experience and deep understanding of investments and financial planning to write a book titled, She Cult. The book is focused on helping a younger generation understand and plan for retirement and future financial security. She felt strongly that today, younger professionals are not getting the proper financial planning advice that is age or risk appropriate. Ariana explains, “Whether you are getting married, starting your own business or climbing the corporate ladder – you need to know the best financial options available and what obstacles you will face.” She emphasizes that this book also focuses on women; it takes them through every life stage and gives them confidence in the financial world. She hopes that after reading this book, “Women will feel empowered and not leave all of the financial decisions in their life to their spouse.”


Ariana has a Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) degree in economics from California State Polytechnic University and also received Series 7 and Series 66 certifications from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).  Ariana proudly received a Certificate for Special Congressional Recognition from congress for her commitment to women in Orange County. Her book, She Cult, will soon be available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.


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