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Arjan Ligtenberg


Throughout his 13-year career in financial services and technology, core knowledge, trust, and teamwork has been the underlying focus for Arjan Ligtenberg. His business experience, coupled with a superb command of fintech, give him a unique perspective to help his clients grow and scale quickly and efficiently. “People often spend their careers focusing on specific technology, and things get missed because they’re not looking at it from different perspectives,” he says.

Arjan began as a futures and commodities broker, appearing on CNN, CNBC, as well as others, before joining Deloitte, where he focused on middle- and back-office functions. He also began to focus on the interactions between business processes and technology and how to build successful teams to tackle complex problems—experiences which he brought to both IBM and Ernst and Young. Today, Arjan runs the asset and wealth management business unit for Cognizant, a technology consulting firm. From modernizing infrastructure to complete digital transformations, Arjan helps clients grow and scale their businesses. But more than that, he focuses on providing for his teams, building trust, and making sure you have the right tools to curate and tailor strategies that consistently produce results that surpass expectations. He deems his clients and teams’ success as his success. Arjan is a decisive, dedicated, diligent, and diplomatic leader.

Arjan holds an MBA in financial management services from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. He received his MS from the University of Southern California, where he was also a two-time NCAA D1 National Water Polo champion.


Arjan Ligtenberg

Asset & Wealth Management Business Unit Leader, Client Partner
Cognizant Technology Solutions

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