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Arthur Zenian

The COVID-19 pandemic shook the global healthcare system to its core. Thousands of doctors, nurses,  healthcare workers, and engineers worked tirelessly around the clock. Arthur Zenian and enBio were there, delivering best-in-class clinical/biomedical equipment maintenance and management, temporary BMET staffing, and of course, ventilators—just as they’d been doing since he founded the company in 2008. “We make a difference by being there for our customers when they need us, not when we need them,” Arthur says. This is the founding principle that’s guided his 26 years in the biomedical engineering and health care technology management fields—a philosophy that pushed him to found prior multiple successful biomedical service firms including Strategic Clinical Engineering and Binovia.  “I love what I do,” he says. “I wanted to be in medicine and I like biomedical engineering, so this is a culmination of those two passions.”


It was this combination of heart and science that allowed enBio and their 140 employees to help usher over 200 hospitals nationwide, surgical centers, clinics, and some of the largest health systems in the nation through one of the greatest challenges in modern times and beyond. Through enBio’s services, health care centers can collect patient information to deliver accurate patient care. To meet the unprecedented demand during the pandemic, enBio expanded to meet the growing need for their full suite of biomedical and specialized services, and they did it all without compromising quality and customer care.


“Our team is passionate about health care and want to contribute to successful patient outcomes every day,” Arthur says. “We helped guide our clients successfully throughout the pandemic and we couldn’t be prouder of our team’s commitment.” In 2021, enBio was recognized as Business of the Year by the California Legislature Assembly.


Arthur has been featured in the San Fernando Valley Business Journal, 24x7 Magazine, and is a featured writer for Entrepreneur. He holds a BS in biomedical engineering from California State University Northridge and a BS in business and management from Woodbury University.


Arthur Zenian

Founder & CEO —  enBio Corp


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