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Arun appears in the Top 100

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Arun Prasad

Arun Prasad has business in his veins. It’s how he managed to get Priyaa Groups, his family’s apparel business in India, where he’s worked from the age of 16, a $2 million annual income and two new locations as their director. Now 25—and a firmly planted New Yorker with a master’s in industrial engineering from NYU—Arun has his eyes set on helping enterprise grow their businesses with blockchain, and founded Money Convey, LLC, in January 2022, to do it. “Blockchain technology is an emerging digital resource with growing applications in various industries such as BFSI, government, healthcare, and others,” he explains. “We’re a combination of Deloitte and AWS in providing consulting and technology services, respectively.”


With a focus on health care, IoT, and energy sectors, and a growing number of clients, Arun is already being consulted by companies for his expertise in Blockchain, Crypto, and NFT applications. Meanwhile, Arun continues to build the technology that allows businesses to grow and thrive without the constraints of redundancy, long waiting times, and defects while ensuring and improving security, traceability, interoperability, and accessibility. “What drives me is the ecosystem, the community of startups, entrepreneurs, and visionaries we’re building to serve people in every corner, every neighborhood, everywhere,” Arun says. “The vision to be the next big thing is what drives me every day.”


Arun also hold’s a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering, master’s in industrial engineering and published a research paper in IAEME.


Arun Prasad

Founder & CEO — Money Convey, LLC



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