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Ashish Gill

Ashish Gill has dedicated his entire career and life’s purpose to build Light Speed Logistics Inc. Leading a team of over 750 dedicated employees, Ashish directs a data driven transportation and logistics company to deliver product in the highly regulated, time-sensitive perishable food sector. Shipping to and from all 48 states in the US and coast to coast in Canada, Light Speed Logistics lives up to its name boasting an industry best electronically verifiable on-time delivery record.


The story of Ashish’s entrepreneurial journey points to humble beginnings in 1999. After graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Manitoba combined with a short career stint at Boeing, the calling to build a company from the ground-up was a natural course that could not be ignored. In 2000, Ashish registered the business, secured the company’s first tractor and trailer, and hired the first driver. From there, Ashish never looked back. Today Light Speed is one of the largest refrigerated fleets in Western Canada.


The impressive aspect of Ashish’s entrepreneurship is his vision to empower, orchestrate and drive all company departments and teams towards a singular focus of obsessive perfectionism and exhaustive business growth. Ashish holds foresight and an uncanny ability to predict what the company needs, and then subsequently deploys innovative strategies, programs and systems. As a multi-talented administrator, Ashish never hesitates to roll up his sleeves and work side by side any project or employee requiring that extra push of output. Ashish’s unparalleled process development abilities have produced major overhauls across all departments, leading the company on an aggressive and explosive growth pattern.


"Ashish Gill is one of the most progressive CEO's I have ever had the pleasure of working for. His dedication to continuous improvement of all aspects of the business including training, safety, equipment, technology, and my favorite, his sales and service focused mentality, result in a growth driven business no matter what market conditions we have faced. I am proud to work at Light Speed Logistics and pumped every day to follow Ashish's leadership."


Another key point is Ashish’s focus on technology innovation and integration. Ashish is known to state that, “we pride ourselves on saying that we have more data points on any of our trucks compared to the first space mission into outer space!”  The reality is that Ashish has guided Light Speed to immerse itself into artificial intelligence and data commitment from day one. Light Speed holds contracts with companies such as Trimble, assembling data warehouses to ensure business sustainability and resiliency. Pushing the envelope on technology disruption is Ashish’s instinct to build a company focused on exceeding expectations for its employees, drivers, clients and all supply chain partners.


Beyond Ashish’s personal ties to the company’s hundreds of drivers, he also has led the company to create original, industry best, score cards for Light Speed’s drivers. The company not only gauges driving but also imports all behavior monitoring data onto the score cards. Drivers are then evaluated on their driving habits, and those who receive positive scores are awarded with the opportunity to earn up to 300% of their eligible bonuses. In other words, Ashish has translated his loyalty and empathy for his team to actionable programs.


“It is rare to come across people like Ashish. I have had the pleasure of working alongside him for the past two years. I have never met someone so passionate, and ambitious about their business. I look forward to our future, and the great things I will continue learning from him.”


Ashish has tirelessly developed a work environment that attracts and retains the best. Light Speed boasts an open, horizontal management structure. The kind of ecosystem that sustains a positive, rewarding and high-energy culture that is welcoming and invigorating for all employees.


“Ashish Gill has the ability to support your ideas & contributions as a key player within the organization. He also has that ability to influence the group towards a certain strategy for the betterment of the company. Most importantly though, his integrity shines bright by always having your back.”


In addition to empowering the team, Ashish gives to Canadian communities through numerous charitable initiatives. Both personally and with corporate resources, he heavily donates to foodbank locally and nationwide. To encourage team spirit and community building, Ashish leads the company to sponsor local fire and police departments, and funds sports teams of employees’ children. It is no secret that Light Speed frequently hosts company lunches, dinners and holiday celebrations, building an energized community spirit and sense of belonging.


Even with his vision to lead Light Speed Logistics towards the next stage of growth, Ashish strives to maintain a healthy balance between his personal and work lives. He prioritizes family, visiting his parents often and spending as much time with his wife and, children and other family members as those who work regular 9-to-5 careers. Clearly this in many ways is ‘just the beginning’ for Ashish as he is well known to openly predict that he does not plan to slow down over the next 20 years.




Light Speed Logistics (LSL) is a Canada-based company offering trucking, shipping, hauling, freight and logistics services to move cargo to its destination on-time and on-budget across North America.


Founded in the year 2000, Light Speed Logistics has grown to a fleet of 500+ power units and over 850 refrigerated trailers along with a fleet of tri-axle trailers for intra-Canada freight. With a majority of equipment less than 3 years old, Light Speed Logistics boasts one of the newest fleet in the industry.


Specializing in the highly regulated, time-sensitive perishable food sector, Light Speed understands your food products, the regulations and temperature integrity around it. With one of the largest “team drivers” driven fleets, Light Speed provides expedited services across both Canada and the US boasting a 48hour delivery-time anywhere in North America.


Light Speed’s dispatch offices are staffed 24/7 365 days a year, making us available to our customers and drivers around the clock. Our tractors as well as the trailers are tracked via satellite. Not only can we tell you where your product is physically located at any given moment, we can provide our customers the temperature readings on their product and a complete satellite download of temperature integrity during our custody.


Light Speed’s team is diverse, talented and dedicated. The company boasts unheard employee and driver retention, and leads the way for extremely low turn-over across all Canadian offices.


Light Speed Logistics holds industry-best standards, certifications and awards across supply chain security, environmental sustainability, driver safety and industry presence.


  • Top 100 Carriers Feature, Today’s Trucking (2018, 2020)

  • Platinum Carrier Status, Northbridge Insurance Best Practices Profile (2020)

  • Free and Secure Trade (FAST) Certified, CBSA (ongoing)

  • Customs Self-Assessment Program, CBSA (2012)

  • C-TPAT Certified, US CBP (ongoing)

  • PIP Certified, CBSA (ongoing)

  • CSA Certified (2012)

  • SmartWay Certified / SmartWay Transport Partner, Natural Resources Canada (2020)

  • SmartWay Certified, United States Environmental Protection Agency (2020)

  • WCB Core Certification, 2019/2020

  • Carrier Certification, FourKites (2020)


Blue-Chip Client Portfolio

JBS, Cargill, Olymel, Tyson, McCain, Martin Brower, Kraft, Dole, Sysco, Sobeys, Costco, Loblaws, Nestle, Farmland, Danone, Del Monte, General Mills, George Wakefield, Overwaitea Food Group, Trophy Foods, Sneider, Purolator, FedEx, UPS, Vitran, ATS Healthcare, CH Robinson, Sameday, CSA, Loomis, and more.


Head Office: Rocky View County No 44., Alberta, Canada


Terminals: Vancouver, British Columbia; Edmonton Alberta; Calgary, Alberta; Winnipeg, Manitoba; Mississauga, Ontario; Montreal, Quebec.




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