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Assunta (Susie) McLane

With a unique blend of expertise from over 10 years of experience in both accounting and advising, Assunta (Susie) McLane is currently a vice president with Summit Place Financial Advisors, where she provides financial advice and guidance to high-net-worth individuals and multigenerational families. Located in Summit, New Jersey, the firm works with clients all over the country to manage their wealth, simplify their finances, and secure their futures. With the keen lens as both accountant and financial advisor, and a natural ability to connect with people, Assunta offers financial planning solutions tailored to the specific needs of her clients. “My accounting background strengthens my planning experience further and allows me to be a resource to our clients and my colleagues when evaluating the tax implications of our recommended solutions.  It also allows me to interact with our clients’ accountants and understand their needs too because I’ve sat in their seat and we can speak the same language,” she shares.


Assunta joined Summit Place Financial in 2018, where she was drawn to the firm’s commitment to working with a select group of clients in which advisors can offer full-attention and proactive advice regularly.  As lead wealth advisor, she is always sure to take the time to listen carefully to her client’s unique concerns. While a younger client may desire education in budgeting and investments, a more successful client might worry that their estate and wealth structures no longer fit their family circumstances. Throughout the process, Assunta is there for her clients, helping them also work with outside professionals when needed such as accountants, attorneys, and others. Her relatable, trustworthy approach helps clients feel confident and comfortable, which is a key factor in both her success and that of her clients.


With an MBA in finance and a minor in accounting, Assunta began her career in the accounting field and enjoyed a seven-year career that also included a role with Deloitte Tax. Hailing from a family of restaurateurs, however, she missed a personal connection with people. In 2012, she transitioned to wealth management so that she could be more deeply involved with the people she worked with. After serving as a wealth advisor for Glenmede Trust for six years, she moved to her current role with Summit Place Financial Advisors. “I wanted more of an individual approach, a chance to build a truly personal relationship with clients and their families to better understand their needs and offer solutions for generations,” she says. “I enjoy what being a wealth advisor involves—the collaboration, working with other advisors, and serving our clients together.”


With a well-known reputation for her expertise, dedication, and personable approach, Assunta has had clients dedicated to her for many years, and she has worked with success individuals across multiple generations of families. “As a wealth advisor, I get to work with clients on all aspects of their financial life, I get to see it from start to finish,” she says.  “With every individual and family I work with, we plant seeds at the beginning of our journey, we watch them blossom over time and along the way we identify the areas that require more attention.  Seeing their goals and wishes become clearer and complete, is truly the most rewarding part.”



Assunta (Susie) McLane

Vice President, Wealth Advisor — Summit Place Financial Advisors



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