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Atin appears in the Top 100

Canadian Professionals Magazine

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Atin Gupta

With more than 20 years of accounting and audit expertise, Atin Gupta holds an in-depth understanding of technology-based markets as well as the obstacles faced by most professionals in the finance industry. As a result, his search for wanting more out of life led him to start his own initiative and now living his passion being the co-founder and chief executive officer of Countable Inc., an end-to-end platform built to assist accounting firms in managing their workflow, engagement, communications, and daily processes.


A native of India, Atin first became a certified public accountant (CPA) through the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. He then went on to become a certified general accountant (CGA) and a CPA in both Canada and the United States. In 2006, he relocated to Canada and accepted a position as a Regional Audit Manager with MNP, a leading national accounting, tax, and business consulting firm. He remained in that role for five years, until 2011, when he became a partner in a private equity practice at just 31 years old. From there, Atin grew into the position of regional leader for Technology Media Telecom (TMT) which was just starting up at the firm and looking to someone to lead the practice. Having always been passionate about technology, he led the TMT group helped to grow to become the one of the largest niches outside of the Big Four.


Although he had been happy at the practice professionally and loved the people with whom he worked, Atin realized that he was not living the life he wanted. Consequently, he began to consider what he was passionate about and how he could apply that passion to help others. As a result, he decided to stay within the industry and co-founded Countable Inc. with his co-founder Jesse Capon who has a unique set of technology and creativity experience that complements the subject matter knowledge that Atin holds. Countable is an online platform that specializes in software products for accounting firms. With “adapt, improve, grow” as the company’s core values, their goal is to help people within the industry save time while continuing to increase profitability. “We will continue to challenge the “status quo” and do all that we can to keep improving. We are focused on our why we exist, more than what and how we make products - Atin explains.


Guided by the motto, “Be the change you want to see,” Atin places the greatest importance on the culture at Countable. They are bringing an uncommon, conscious mindset: Instead of focusing on profits which is always the outcome anyways, their goal is to solve problems, focus on why we are doing what we are doing, who we are doing it with, how we are doing it and if people are truly benefiting from it and keep repeating it consistently without failure. In support of this mission, Countable team members are trained to push knowledge and growth in place of sales pitches. We don’t want to hire salespeople. Our goal is to provide the best client experience that is possible and then push for growth. We strive for people to be motivated by showing unconditional care and empathy towards our customers problems and do our best to solve them. “We focus on serving our clients, and we fundamentally believe in a more human approach, as we truly wish to live the philosophy of being in a people business, not an accounting or a tech business,” says Atin. The team’s ultimate mission at Countable is to build and maintain a client- and people-centric culture.



Atin Gupta, Co-founder and CEO, Countable Inc.

505-373 Front St W

Toronto, ON M5V3R7


Download the Top 100 Canadian Professionals magazine and check out Atin's feature on page 89.

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