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Audwin F. Levasseur, J.D.

Former practicing attorney Audwin F. Levasseur, J.D., worked for more than a decade in the private legal sectors of Washington, D.C. and the New York-New Jersey metropolitan region. He specialized in complex civil litigation and commercial transactions—primarily in matters related to antitrust, insurance, business-to-business transactions, employment, and real estate. Today, Audwin’s prior legal experience provides an ideal lens for approaching his work as a family wealth advisor at Axial Family Advisors, one of the few financial service firms in the country that is 100% minority owned. From their headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the team of professionals serves clients throughout the nation with a laser focus on serving families and small businesses. They actively stay abreast of changes in the tax code, evaluate potential impacts, and deliver proactive financial plans—through in-depth tax and wealth retention advice, income tax planning, personal finance and retirement planning, and estate planning. Axial’s professional relationships with CPAs, attorneys, and CFPs enable its wealth advisors to bring cutting-edge strategies in those areas to fruition. 

Audwin’s role at Axial is unique. Typically brought in to assist on matters involving a mix of law and finance, he focuses on estate planning, asset protection needs, and tax mitigation strategies for high-net worth individuals and small businesses. For instance, he assists sellers of highly appreciated assets—such as commercial property, stock, and ownership interest in a business—by designing and implementing strategies that reduce or defer their tax exposure while maximizing their opportunities for returns.  His legal background is beneficial as attention to detail, cost-benefit decision making, and white-glove client service all translate from law into financial services. His work in real estate transactions, asset protection, estate planning, and litigation have also crossed over to better equip him for client service.


Axial’s size offers clients another advantage: the company is large enough to handle high-net-worth individuals, small businesses, and complex matters, but still small enough to offer personalized service. Rather than having clients follow the traditional practice of speaking with one representative, the firm employs a team-based approach to achieve the best possible outcome for each case, even if it requires reaching out to other financial service firms. For instance, Audwin regularly engages financial professionals at Creative Financial Network of South Florida (CFN), and CSI Financial Group to weigh in on client cases. Audwin compares this approach to a hospital, where a patient meets with a team of doctors who all weigh in with their professional opinions prior to the person’s surgery. Similarly, each case at Axial is reviewed by a team of professionals who collaborate to provide insight on the client’s needs and may even bring in outside professionals to assist when necessary. “When considering today’s rapidly changing business environment, it’s virtually impossible for one person to navigate through today’s legal and financial systems and single handedly provide comprehensive optimal solutions for clients,” says Audwin. “Instead of continuing to meet with one lone representative, I strongly recommend clients and consumers demand a team-based approach when it comes to the handling of their hard-earned assets. The insight gained from the balancing of multiple perspectives can be life changing for the client.  That’s what we accomplish here at Axial.”

Audwin holds a B.S. in administrations of justice from Rutgers University and a Juris Doctorate from Columbia Law School in New York. He is currently in the process of drafting an e-book with a specialized focus on estate planning for African American communities.


Audwin F. Levasseur, J.D.

Family Wealth Advisor

Axial Family Advisors



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