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Aurielle Brooks

Entertainment Attorney, Arrington & Phillips, LLP




Aurielle Brooks relies on her years of prior experience in the entertainment industry to expertly serve her clients as an attorney. As a successful woman working in a predominately male dominated industry, Aurielle has proven herself as an elite attorney who is passionate about providing her clients with knowledgeable, focused and committed legal expertise.

Aurielle received a B.A. in political science and a minor in professional and applied ethics from Valdosta State University in 2014. Aurielle obtained a scholarship to Atlanta’s John Marshal Law School thereafter, allowing her to plant greater roots in her hometown of Atlanta, Georgia from which she also received her J.D. in 2017. 


Based in Atlanta as an associate attorney for the law firm of Arrington & Phillips, LLP, she focuses on entertainment, intellectual property and business law. Aurielle’s role heavily involves negotiating complex deals with large companies and talent on behalf of her clients, including multi-platinum recording artists and producers, large and small businesses, actors, and production companies. Aurielle primarily assists clients with legal matters relating to entertainment, such as negotiations of album releases, licensing music to major networks and companies like Netflix and Disney  publishing, distribution, copyright and trademark registration and other transactions.  With over five years of previous experience working in the entertainment industry, Aurielle is well suited for this role and provides expertise in all areas related to entertainment law. While attending John Marshall, Aurielle began working with Def Jam Records while also working to build her own management consulting firm with a colleague.

Working at Def Jam, Aurielle was immersed in a world of music, entertainment and high profile clients, where she learned all aspects of the industry, behind the scenes. She also spent four years as a managing partner at The Chosen Circle, LLC, a management-consulting firm where she secured endorsements, sponsorships and developed marketing and branding strategies for high profile clients and businesses.

Aurielle’s passion for the arts and music inspired her to become the attorney she is today. Aurielle grew up teaching herself to play multiple music instruments and dancing. Her passion for the arts coupled with her interest in impacting the lives of those who share their artistic talents, led her to pursue a career in entertainment law. Aurielle believes the key to happiness and success is “putting one’s passion to action.” In her own words “Ultimately, this path has shown me that I possess the tools to inspire and greatly impact so many, especially young women, by showing them that there is no ceiling to the heights they can reach.”

As a highly skilled negotiator, with law licenses in both Georgia and New York, Aurielle works with multi-platinum artists and producers in varying aspects across the country.  She is dedicated to her clients and adds that she always encourages them to chase their dreams and never quit, whether they are just starting out or hoping to expand their careers.

Aurielle is a member of the New York Bar Association, the Georgia Bar Association, Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, the Black Entertainment Sports Lawyers Association and many other organizations.   In addition to her professional accomplishments, she is also involved in numerous community and charitable organizations. At this early stage in her legal career, Aurielle has already served as a resource to others in speaking on numerous panels discussing entertainment and social issues in the world today. Making an impact through her passions is a goal Aurielle is well on her way to achieving.


Aurielle Brooks, Esq.

Arrington & Phillips, LLP

2200 Fairburn Rd. SW, Atlanta, GA 30331

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