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Azeem appears in the Top 100

Innovators & Entrepreneurs magazine

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Azeem Moazzamuddin

As co-founder and CEO of Greenly Mortgage, Azeem Moazzamuddin combines technology with lending to deliver memorable customer experiences . With over $36 million of loans transacted to date, the Cleveland-based business serves clients throughout the state. Founded in 2022, the technologically advanced firm automates underwriting and loan processing to reduce closing times and create a better experience. With this in mind, Greenly is also focused on building out a fully digital blockchain mortgage that allows for the use of cryptocurrencies. “There’s a high demand for the ability to use cryptocurrency to obtain mortgages in the smaller market, and the tech behind it allows for digital processing of traditional mortgages,” he explains. “That’s really where I see the future going, and we’re working to streamline the process and make it more enjoyable.”

Prior to launching Greenly Mortgage, Azeem helped to start and scale multiple companies and served as a vice president of operations in the mortgage industry, where he received the Love Our Clients Award in 2018 for customer satisfaction. It is precisely his commitment to helping people that has driven him throughout his six-year career, and, ultimately, what compelled him to start a company devoted to transforming the lending experience. “During my time as a banker, I realized the process was convoluted and painstaking, and it led me to dive more into the tech side and figure out a better solution for borrowers,” Azeem explains. “That I’m able to help build better communities, this is what drives me every single day.”

Azeem holds a bachelor’s degree in IT management.

Azeem Moazzamuddin

Co-Founder & CEO — Greenly Mortgage LLC

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