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Babak appears in the Top 100

Canadian Professionals Magazine


Babak Shafiei

Babak Shafiei has held a passion for technology since early in his life. Throughout his youth, he enjoyed building electronics and working with computers, and it was these same proclivities, coupled with enthusiasm, that ultimately led to his becoming the founder and chief executive officer of Integra Data and Analytic Solutions.

Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Integra is one of the few Canadian companies that focuses solely on solving the operational challenges faced by the oil & gas industry. Their mission is to provide advanced data and analytics, along with innovative solutions that incorporate machine learning (ML) algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI), to facilitate industry-wide transformation, which ultimately reduces costs and facilitates global competition.

Integra’s team of engineers and data scientists have developed a cloud-based platform called, Digital Hub™, which enables rapid development of data solutions that can scale on demand. The platform helps to create a repeatable process and code collaterals that address real-world engineering challenges in operations, maintenance, health, and safety. Integra’s team also recently developed solution accelerators, which, in addition to helping clients advance in the fields of AI and ML with minimum cost, improve pipeline integrity, well production, energy management, maintenance, and drilling operations. So far, Integra has completed 10 such projects and achieved a 100% customer satisfaction rate. Babak credits much of their success to Integra’s methodology of starting small and growing by business value; they identify the business objective, define a hypothesis backed by data science, collaborate with the client to fine tune the insights, and quickly deliver a data solution, leveraging their deep expertise in data analytics. Using these parameters, the team can successfully complete a project within a short period of time.

“Our focus on oil and gas, expertise with data, and our repeatable processes give us the ability to quickly deliver value and solve challenges with laser-precision,” Babak explains. In fact, he continues, “Integra was recently recognized for their innovative projects and accepted to the government-backed, Research Assistant Program.”

Babak is one of the few people in North America with a unique background in developing analytic organizations that deliver business solutions. After working in the industry for over 20 years and excelling in all of his roles, he takes pride in his ability to select smart people and innovative minds. This ultimately allows him to solve problems in a cost-effective manner, while still maintaining the highest quality service.


Prior to founding Integra, Babak developed the analytic organization at Suncor Energy, Canada’s largest integrated oil and gas company. Earlier in his career, he led the analytic teams at top consulting firms such as Deloitte and IBM. Babak is always thinking outside the box, is focused on delivering value to his clients, and loves to innovate in every aspect of his work. He is looking forward the launch of his latest innovation (Digital Hub) later in 2020.



Babak Shafiei

Founder and CEO

Integra Data and Analytic Solutions

308 4th Avenue South West, Suite 501

Calgary, Alberta, Canada AB T2P 0H7



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