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Bai Xu


Bai Xu, a seasoned entrepreneur and expert in material science and medical research, stands at the helm of NanoMed Therapeutics Inc., an innovative company specializing in transdermal drug delivery. With a resolute motto of "Revolutionizing Transdermal Drug Delivery in Nano-Scale," Bai has been a driving force in the field for decades.


Before establishing NanoMed Therapeutics Inc., Bai served as a senior MEMS scientist at SUNY Polytechnic Institute, where his contributions garnered significant recognition. Holding a PhD in material science from CNRS, he boasts a remarkable repertoire of published works and clinical case studies, particularly in the areas of transdermal drug delivery, dermatology, and material fabrication. Esteemed institutions such as the WSJ and Credit Suisse have internationally acknowledged his groundbreaking research.


Bai's current role at NanoMed Therapeutics Inc. encompasses three major facets. Firstly, he spearheads the strategic aspects of the company, devising plans to bridge the gap between cutting-edge technology and consumer demand. Secondly, he excels in team building, skillfully assembling a diverse workforce and fostering strategic partnerships. Lastly, Bai oversees the meticulous execution of projects, encompassing fundraising, product development, marketing, and sales.


NanoMed Therapeutics Inc. harnesses state-of-the-art technologies in material science and fabrication to deliver Nanoscale transdermal delivery products for medical drug delivery and clinical aesthetic solutions. Understanding the aversion most individuals have toward needles, Bai and his team have ingeniously developed the NanoTouch, a revolutionary product aimed at replacing traditional injection methods and current microneedle solutions. Offering significant value in both medical and clinical aesthetic domains, NanoMed Therapeutics Inc. targets various skin conditions, including fine lines, wrinkle reduction, pigmentation, acne, and necklines. By providing solutions that instill self-confidence, particularly among women, the company addresses both aesthetic concerns and medical conditions such as diabetes.


Bai Xu
NanoMed Skincare Inc.

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