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Baljeet appears in the Top 100 

Canadian Professionals Magazine

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Baljeet Singh Kundan


Baljeet Singh Kundan has both a Master of Science in IT and a Bachelor of Computer Information Systems and spent much of his career working with banks as a technical engineer, helping to service business intelligence and ERP systems for Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, Canadian banks, and insurance companies. And while his skill and expertise are laudable, perhaps it is his own life experience that has best prepared him for his role as VP, chief compliance officer, and co-founder at Westgroup Financial Management Inc. “My family has always successfully invested in real estate, and I have managed their wealth. I also owned a hotel and have a strong business background,” he shares.


Baljeet was handling his family’s finances working with private wealth firms when he realized he didn’t like how they operated. “I knew that I wanted to disrupt the industry,” he says. In 2018, Baljeet co-founded Westgroup with CEO and co-founder, Karm Panesar. His intention was to create a firm that was different from other wealth management companies. Unlike other firms, Westgroup offers registered and non-registered investments and does not charge clients any fees. “We do everything from banking, lending, and strategic investment loans to private equity investments. We also use insurance to protect and grow wealth tax-free. And, while past returns are not indicative of future returns, our portfolios have a track record of 18%+ annualized compound returns over the last 11 years,” Baljeet notes.


Westgroup also helps protect assets from taxes and estates from liabilities, safeguards monthly income through disability insurance, protects individuals and families against life changing events, such as critical illnesses, assists businesses with group benefits, and creates benefits packages. Making a difference in people’s lives is paramount to Westgroup’s philosophy, and in recognition of their unwavering dedication to this, they’ve received several industry distinctions, including Million Dollar Round Table, Qualifying Member, Court of Table, and Top of Table. “We have built our business around integrity and honesty with a focus on changing our clients’ financial paths for the better,” Baljeet says. “We have 25 advisors to service British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and our headquarters in South Surrey, all driven by our motto, ‘Create, grow, and protect wealth.’”


Baljeet Singh Kundan

Founder, CEO — Westgroup Financial Management Inc.


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