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Barry Raber


Barry Raber’s ascent in the entrepreneurial world is as intriguing as it is inspirational. Incepting his first business in 1999, this seasoned entrepreneur has since been riding a wave of success, punctuated by the personal motto, “Create experiences and results that are both different and better.” From Business Property Trust to Bargain Storage, and now Carefree Covered RV Storage, Barry's ventures showcase his keen insight and business acumen.


Ten pivotal years at Randall Realty under the mentorship of the magnate, Robert Randall, enriched Barry with invaluable lessons. But, as fate had it, a life-altering episode for Randall signaled a fresh beginning for Barry. Armed with knowledge and fueled by an entrepreneurial lineage, thanks to his father, Barry dove into his own venture.


His affiliation with the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) became a cornerstone in his journey, providing a repository of business strategies and best practices. Barry’s distilled wisdom from these experiences is crystal clear: Prioritize product differentiation, engaging branding, and a customer-first culture.


Barry's latest brainchild, Carefree Covered RV Storage, is rapidly sculpting its niche in Dallas and Phoenix. The properties include unparalleled security and amenities including self-washes, charging plugs, and dog parks, as well as a homey welcome center. It is redefining the RV storage realm and receiving raving reviews from customers along the way.



Barry Raber
Founder and President
Carefree Covered RV Storage


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