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Ben Lefebvre


“If you want the world to change, start within yourself.” These are the words that Aelous Digital Inc.’s founder and CEO, Ben Lefebvre, has built an entire business around. Launched at the beginning of 2021, his multifaceted digital marketing firm offers a holistic perspective of the ever-changing landscape. Ben’s journey in the space started over 14 years ago with a position in an international agency in England, where he was working on the French-speaking territories. Starting at the bottom and working his way up the corporate ladder, Ben has always been eager to learn and grow. Along the way, he worked with large corporations, including Blackberry, HP, and Apple, to name a few. He also traveled the world speaking at various conferences around the globe. Then, the pandemic hit, and everything changed. “I saw a lot of shops shut down because they just didn’t know how to survive,” he states. “It struck me that I wasn’t doing the right thing, and I wanted to make more of a difference.”


Thereafter, Ben left the agency and started his own in hopes of helping other companies figure out how to survive and navigate the myriad challenges during such uncertain times. Now, with a growing client base that includes startups and small- to medium-sized businesses, the boutique firm stays true to their mission of contributing to the greater good. “For the world to change, we need to help the people and companies we believe are great and that will make a difference in the world,” he explains. Focused on working with highly ethical companies and helping the communities they serve, Aelous Digital is equipped to help promote brands internationally. With special emphasis in the health, finance, wellbeing, renewable energies, and food industries, the organization offers an approach built on a bedrock of trust and transparency. “For us, it’s really about helping people and companies more so than rushing to expand our client portfolio. We get quite a lot of requests, but we are highly selective in terms of whom we want to work with,” he states. “We really love working with clients who are open to trying new things and work a lot with humor.”


Ben Lefebvre

Founder & CEO — Aelous Digital Inc.


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