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Ben Sever


Ben Sever is an industry disruptor, serial entrepreneur, and philanthropist who has been making waves in the tech industry for a decade. He has founded and built over 12 companies, including the development of eRemede – an award-winning, HIPAA-compliant patient engagement platform.

Ben’s expertise in developing streamlined communication systems has been a key factor in his success as he uses his two enterprise platforms, eRemede and entourage, to change the way mobility and engagement cohesively unify progressive companies. In addition, he is the CEO of Phoenix Portfolio Partners and specializes in providing venture capital and start-up incubation to help companies grow across a wide range of industries. 


Ben is passionate about finding solutions that allow businesses to make better decisions faster by utilizing innovative technologies and scalable infrastructure. His goal is to give companies the tools and go-to-market strategies they need to stay profitable in any economic environment. 


They are currently the only venture fund in the US with company-wide Certified ScrumMaster Certifications. Ben attributes his team’s cultural cohesion and speed-to-market industry records to this new-age leadership style.


On top of graduating from Elon University, Ben continues to obtain academic accomplishments having earned over forty prominent business certifications; twenty of which are from Ivy League institutions! He also continues to improve the world around him with his philanthropic efforts as he recently just hit his 5-year goal of having a $500,000 charitable impact within Tampa-Based non-profits. 


To learn more about partnering with Phoenix Portfolio Partners visit their website here.


Ben Sever
Founder, CEO, Chairman: Phoenix Portfolio Partners

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