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Ben Walker

Atlanta, Georgia. A place where country charm meets metropolitan sophistication. It is also where you’ll find Spindle & Oak, an award-winning design and build company that prides itself on infusing every project with genuine Southern hospitality, traditional values and expert craftsmanship. At Spindle & Oak’s helm is Ben Walker, a true leader and craftsman who was born with a hammer in his hand.

As owner and president, Ben juggles many responsibilities, skillfully managing sales, overseeing operations and handling budgets, all while ensuring every customer receives outstanding service. But more than that, he is dedicated to making sure every nail driven, every wall erected and every finishing touch contributes to creating not just a house, but a dream home. And, with an extensive background as a licensed design/build general contractor, project manager and business owner, Ben is equipped to make this happen. He is committed to doing it in a way that aligns with his vision—one that began in his youth when he learned the trade from his father; a preacher, master builder, plumber, electrician and carpenter.

Spindle & Oak, founded in 2018, is the realization of Ben’s dream. The company prioritizes exquisite design, expert craftsmanship and cost integrity. Their team of architects, designers, skilled subcontractors and project managers work closely with clients from the initial conceptual design to the final completion, ensuring comfort and satisfaction every step of the way.

Over the past six years, Spindle & Oak has completed over 100 projects in North Atlanta, each one a testament to their dedication and expertise. What truly sets them apart, however, is their commitment to creating unique designs tailored to each client’s specific needs. It's no surprise that Spindle & Oak was voted Best Remodeler in their region for three consecutive years.

For Ben Walker, Spindle & Oak isn’t just a business; it’s a labor of love. Whether he’s on the job site, meeting with clients or managing operations, his dedication to creating beautiful, functional spaces shines through. We spoke with Ben to gain a deeper insight into his journey, philosophy and vision.

Ben, you’ve grown Spindle & Oak from an idea to an award-winning company in a very short period. What inspired you to start the company, and what has driven its extraordinary success?

We started Spindle & Oak just six years ago and we've built an award-winning, $3 million company by focusing on the customer experience and leveraging our Southern values. My career began in software and product management, where I created software from backend to full launch and built large teams to support it. Eventually, I returned to my blue-collar roots—construction—because I saw a significant gap in the market. My father instilled in me a strong work ethic and faith-based values. These principles have been the cornerstone of our company's success. We’ve utilized my experience in project and product management, as well as customer experience, to bring real change to the industry. While we're still a small company, we’re paving the way to reinstate trust, integrity and beautiful design in the construction world.

You’ve made the intentional decision to remain small and community oriented. Why is that?

Some companies strive to be the biggest, but as they expand, they often lose control of quality. While there's demand for us to grow and extend our service radius, we’ve made a deliberate choice to keep our team small and limit our radius to five miles from our home office. This approach allows us to guarantee high quality and ensures that we can maintain a healthy work-life balance, making it possible for all of us to be home for dinner with our families. That’s very important to us.

What makes Spindle & Oak unique?

We approach each project with transparency, honesty, exquisite craftsmanship and excellent project management. In an industry often marred by dishonesty and lack of transparency, we strive to do the opposite. We work closely with homeowners to understand their design tastes, likes, dislikes, and then create a unique solution that blends their requirements and tastes into a beautiful design. We also make the process fun, simple and engaging. If clients are unsure of their preferences or style, we might give them some homework to visit Pinterest or Houzz and create a board with images they like. This helps our designers understand their taste and envision how to integrate their style into the home.

You use eco-friendly materials and those sourced locally—some new and some from old buildings. What are some of the unique elements you use, and why is this important to you?

We prioritize being eco-friendly for both environmental and health reasons, benefiting our clients and community. We love working with reclaimed beams and mantles, and if we can repurpose light fixtures, we do that too. It's all about creating a healthy home now and for the future. We use water-based solvents, VOC-free paint, low-emission appliances and the best insulation and windows to enhance energy efficiency. By reusing materials and prioritizing sustainability, we ensure our homes are both beautiful and environmentally responsible.

You’re also a passionate supporter of your community and charitable causes. Will you share some of your efforts with us?

We’re very active in our community, supporting local schools and partnering with several nonprofits to whom we donate at least 10% of our profits. Our contributions help families dealing with childhood cancer, combat human trafficking and bring fresh water to communities around the world. We believe in giving back to make our neighborhood and city better places to live.

Lastly, Ben, what do you enjoy most about your work?

I love going into a potential client's home and dreaming with them. When the project is finished, seeing their reaction to the beautiful designs and creative solutions we've provided is truly special. It's a magical moment to raise a glass, celebrate their new space with them and feel proud of the work we've accomplished together.


Ben Walker
Owner and President
Spindle & Oak




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