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Bennitta and Joseph appear in the
Top 100 Attorneys magazine.

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Bennitta Joseph and Jon L. Norinsberg

Joseph & Norinsberg, LLC, is known throughout New York City for their skill in realm of civil litigation and for their fearless approach in the courtroom that’s seen them win even the most difficult cases. Handling everything from civil rights cases to personal injury and medical malpractice, they stay with cases from inception through conclusion, even if that means literal years of litigation. Since 2014, Bennitta Joseph and Jon L. Norinsberg have helped clients throughout New York and New Jersey get justice and peace of mind. They’re known for bringing a high level of compassion, energy, and commitment to each client, valuing good old-fashioned grit and determination—and out-of-the-box thinking—to get results.


Bennitta Joseph

Bennitta Joseph, partner and founder of Joseph & Norinsberg, has been practicing law for 24 years. After completing law school at Temple, she joined the Manhattan DA’s office in 1997 as a criminal prosecutor, fighting for survivors of abuse and violence. After segueing into civil practice, then working in business, Bennitta reentered the legal field in employment law. “This is a very unique area of law because you’re navigating a ‘professional divorce,’” she says. “I’m part advocate, part therapist.”


Though she’s been in employment law for 10 years and ranks among New York Employment & Labor Attorneys’ top lawyers, Bennitta is dedicated to constant learning and improvement of her craft while fighting for fair and equal pay, a cause she believes in deeply—and one that she knows all too well. “I’ve experienced a lot of the discriminatory situations my clients have as a black woman and mother in the workplace,” she says. And it is exactly her empathy and passion from having walked in her clients’ shoes that make her unafraid to take on—and win—seemingly uphill battles for those who have suffered an injustice.

Jon L. Norinsberg


Jon L. Norinsberg describes himself as an old-school trial lawyer, taking on cases even if winning them means years of litigation. “We leave no stone unturned and work seven days a week to make sure clients get the best results,” he says. His and Bennitta’s record of victory in the courtroom stands as testament to truth in these words.


Always drawn to litigation, Jon has over 30 years of legal experience, including operating his own firm for 20 years. After completing his law degree at Georgetown, Jon entered a large commercial litigation firm, but he wanted more hands-on work. He joined the City of New York’s tort division, where he thrived, becoming their most senior trial lawyer and co-writing The Trial Notebook, a guideline for lawyers across the city. He quickly earned a reputation as a “lawyer’s lawyer,” taking on tough cases. Just one example of his tenacity is seen in a $7.7 million verdict in a civil rights case that he not only won, despite seemingly impossible odds, but through which he played a role in the creation of a new law. “We’re seasoned lawyers, but flexible in our thinking, and always ready to try something new” Jon shares.

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