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Bharti Mishra

Residing throughout India’s subcontinent as a child and in the United States as an adult taught Bharti Mishra the importance of following her heart and living in the moment. She has always believed that “courage, grit, humility, and empathy are the most important virtues in business,” so she has endeavored to demonstrate those traits as a professional in the finance industry. Bharti is skilled in data governance and analytics, management, and marketing technology. As an advisor for the data and analytics company Aryng Inc., she provides management consulting services for major clients such as Google, Uber, Abbot Labs, and General Electric.

Aryng is a data science consulting, training, and advising company. Team members help to solve complex business problems, to develop the company’s data DNA through data literacy programs, and to deliver rapid return on investment using machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence.

Prior to joining Aryng, Bharti served in several leading positions. She was employed in the digital product management team at Citi where she led engineering and business teams to build the Omni Channel experience using next generation technologies and worked on three year roadmap of the company. She also worked as the business intelligence project manager for AOL, where she played a key role in the development, design, and implementation of the company’s ad targeting platform re-engineering.

Bharti says, “I enjoy that my job gives me an opportunity to create a fun and engaging environment for my teams to collaborate, interact, and truly enjoy the work.” Bharti was presented with the 2019 Industry Award by the Wealth Management Financial International in London.

Unfortunately, Bharti discovered that few U.S. employees find their jobs as rewarding as she does. In fact, workplace stress is taking such a high physical and psychological toll that it is affecting productivity and resulting in employees paying out $200 billion annually in health care costs. For example, Bharti notes that limited job control and micromanagement has been linked to the high levels of stress that results in heart disease and Type 2 Diabetes.

Therefore, Bharti founded the professional development platform called Dark Pebble. After working in product development, product strategy, technology strategy, and program management, she understands the importance of taking ownership of one’s own professional growth and career. Bharti explains, “Health and social support are positively related to work and to personal space. Unfortunately, many workplaces have characteristics that make it difficult to build good relationships.” The Dark Pebble platform advocates against practices such as curve ranking, flat organization, and frequent re-organization because they have been proven to reduce healthy collaboration, to prevent fair performance reviews, and to hinder employee-employer relationships.

In addition to improving the lives of employees, Bharti works to give back to people in Texas. She serves as an advocate for a non-profit organization dedicated to growing the Texas economy through business improvement services. She worked for non-profit that strives to transform the lives of more than one million under privileged Hispanic and African America students. Bharti says that helping others comes naturally to her because she is “rooted in an agricultural family in the first plains below the Himalayas.” As Brahmin land owners, her family is responsible for taking care of workers and their families for generations. In addition, during her childhood, Bharti’s school worked in partnership with Mother Teresa’s foundation near metropolitan Kolkata where she helped to homeschool underprivileged children and to raise funds to help the poor. She says her childhood experiences in a highly diverse group on bank of Ganges in industrial setup helped her become the person she is today. Indian economy went global in 90s and it had major impact on Indian households and society. It was wonderful experience to be on the crossover current of the India’s globalization tide. Whether she is on the job or in her community, Bharti continues to work to improve the lives of those around her.


Bharti Mishra


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