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Bikramjit Singh Sandhar

Bikramjit Singh Sandhar started his career in income tax in the 1990s and has worked in the finance industry since 2005, and through it all, he noticed something: People don’t know a lot about finance. “Regardless of their level of education, whether they were doctors, engineers, or lawyers, like many of my peers were, or immigrant families, people needed help improving their knowledge in this area,” he says. “I realized I wanted to bring strategies to those who didn’t know money management.” And he’s just the learned business leader and savvy financial mind to do it. He’s a serial entrepreneur who has studied the discipline to drive numerous successful ventures. In 2011, Bikramjit founded LifeOne Financial Services, where he not only provides insurance investments and succession planning for individuals, families, and corporations, but is helping them gain financial literacy to realize their dreams. Headquartered in Surrey, British Columbia, LifeOne serves clients in four provinces and plans to expand further. “‘The sky’s the limit’ is something I practice and preach,” he says.


Bikramjit’s large team of advisors, estate lawyers, estate accountants, and other experts offer a holistic approach to insurance, investment, and planning, analyzing each situation from multiple angles and perspectives to get the best results. But their attention doesn’t stop there. They make sure that the people they help also have a solid understanding of tax laws and regulations so that they can develop a plan to make the system work in their favor and make educated choices in the future. “My mission is to provide financial literacy and knowledge to all of my clientele. Financial knowledge is freedom!” In addition, Bikramjit and his team also train people just entering the industry so that they can build their own careers.


Though his focus is finance, for Bikramjit, it’s not about the money. It’s about making a difference and having a positive impact on individuals and communities. Outside of LifeOne, Bikramjit has been involved in outreach and charitable work in Canada and internationally, working on youth initiatives, and was even featured in a documentary about his work. “I’m grateful that I have become an integral community member with a wide network and that I’m able to help all those who approach me,” he shares.


Bikramjit Singh Sandhar

Executive Manager — LifeOne Financial Services




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