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Bill Lau

As principal for Windsor Real Estate LLC, based in the Boston, Massachusetts, area, Bill Lau brings 17 years of real estate experience and a background in commercial real estate lending with over $100 million in transactions over his career, having closed nearly $10 million in 2020 alone—despite a global pandemic. As the founder of a thriving boutique brokerage firm, Bill and his team of experienced professionals represent real estate buyers, sellers, investors, and relocation clients. With specialization in assisting investors with advice, project management, PR, acquisitions, permitting, and development strategies as well as helping international and domestic clients with relocation services, Windsor Real Estate counts among its long-term relocation clients some of the biggest global companies, including Amazon, Siemens, Philips, IBM, Veolia, Alnylam, and Novartis.

Bill founded Windsor Real Estate in 2003 as a broker with vast experience from a history of leadership roles with Century 21, Bank of America, Citizens Bank, and TD Bank backed by a degree in economics and finance from Bentley University. He brings it all to bear to successfully secure deals for his clients and find opportunities for value in the cut-throat, limited-inventory marketplace. While Bill’s skill at helping people utilize real estate as a means of wealth accumulation is undeniable, he places the greatest value on maintaining a humanistic approach, building rapport with clients, and ensuring that their success remains the top priority. Whether replying timely to texts and emails or picking up phone calls, Bill believes in nurturing every relationship. “Real Estate can be stressful and is often the biggest purchase for most people. I take this responsibility very seriously, and often help calm their nerves, offering meaningful—not generic—responses” he says.

With knowledge in both real estate appraisal and credit risk, Bill extends his duties above and well beyond basic obligations within a sale, making certain that clients are not merely getting a property, but one they love, and for investors, one that will yield impressive ROI. “Depending on the situation at hand, winning a deal may mean using an escalation clause or reading the situation and relying on gut while keeping under the client’s budget/price ceiling. It may mean finding the inefficiencies and doing due diligence for them,” he says. Bill points to one recent deal as a prime example. “A client bought a two-unit on a large lot to add value within the existing building envelope. While already in contract, I worked on a hunch in the background for them to add a third unit resulting in an impressive return.”

For Bill, it’s about more than just business. He listens to clients’ goals and helps them to achieve them, even post-transaction. “Some of my clients are lifetime clients. What’s fulfilling is having them return again and again or referring family and friends because of our relationship and the work I did for them.”

With each and every transaction, Bill guarantees meaningful conversation around goals, realistic expectations, and accountability, allowing him to help many of his clients with zero real estate assets grow to owning multiple properties. “While I’m providing the guidance and expertise, at the end of the day, I’m there as a guide to help them make decisions and to offer solutions based on experience, real deals, real interactions. It takes a human being real estate agents to do that, and with honesty and empathy, not just text messages and communicating through AI.”

Bill Lau

Principal — Windsor Real Estate LLC

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