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Bo Thede


Determination, refusal to quit, and getting back up time and again until the goal is met. Bo Thede knows all about the realities of entrepreneurship, including how work ethic is the real key to success, and work ethic is something Bo has no shortage of. “There are always roadblocks, and the entrepreneurial industry is a roller coaster,” he says. “There’s turmoil, drama, and risk of failure, but I’m okay with failing because you learn from it, and if you have the motivation, you can get through anything.” As a co-founder and CRO of All Roads Travel and a five-location Crumbl Cookie franchisee, Bo is living proof that being hungry, committed, and focused gets results.


These are all traits Bo has honed since 2010, when he hit the ground running and along with some friends co-founded his first venture, JusCollege, just a month after graduating from college. JusCollege became the largest student travel company and an industry leader in North America, seeing over one million students from over 400 schools and 1,000 student organizations partake in safe, reliable, and memorable trips. JusCollege was sold to Pollen in 2018 for $25 million. Later, Bo took his decade of experience and co-founded All Roads Travel (ART) in 2022. ART provides curated collegiate trips to the most amazing places in the world for unforgettable experiences people can treasure for years to come. In addition, Bo and his wife, Anamey Nava Thede, became Crumbl Cookies franchisees in 2019, currently operating five of the popular cookie shops in the Midwest and South, with 10 more locations in the works.


Since his early days, Bo has been inspired by accomplishing things that, at first, seem daunting. It still drives him today, whether it’s growing his businesses or creating opportunities for colleagues. “I wasn’t a great student,” he says. “But I had a great work ethic and attitude.” He hopes that his own path will make the next generation realize that grades don’t have to determine the future. “Just because you’re not getting A’s and B’s doesn’t mean you won’t find success,” he says. “If you work hard and are determined, you’ll be successful. There’s a solution to every problem; you just have to find it.”



Bo Thede

Co-Founder & CRO — All Roads Travel




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