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Bob Krause


The recipient of two Meritorious Service Medals, Bob Krause had spent over 26 years in the Army Reserve and National Guard. As a defense contractor, and the son of a WWII veteran, he’s experienced firsthand the myriad challenges many servicemen are faced with when returning from overseas deployments. “Many veterans have successfully re-entered society, but many have also found it quite difficult—if not impossible—to reintegrate into society,” he states. Concerned with the lack of services available for those returning with PTSD, he founded the Veterans National Recovery Center in 2010. With the mission to “advocate for those veterans who are struggling to adapt to a normal life, and assist them with the transition,” the mom-and-pop organization is searching for justice and seeking to heal invisible wounds. “We’re different in that we’re able to set our priorities based on who comes through the door,” he explains. “Not having a huge infrastructure gives us more flexibility to adjust and adapt.”


As president and chair of the board, Bob helps find people who are hurting not only from their affliction, but oftentimes because of a system injustice that occurred. “After vetting, we do story videos about them that are pushed out through social media, which puts pressure on the bureaucracy and creates an expanded awareness,” he states. Veterans National Recovery Center also conducts lobbying and runs a website aimed at helping those who are struggling, including those who have experienced military sexual trauma, and personality disorder discharges. “Between 20 and 40 percent of females who have served in the United States military experience rape, sexual assault, or fight significant sexual harassment,” Bob says. “Many of these people seek us out, just from word-of-mouth.” Prior to launching the Veterans National Recovery Center, Bob served as a state legislator in the Iowa House of Representatives and chair of the House Transportation Committee. He was also the group transportation manager for Land O’Lakes Agricultural Services and the regional representative for the United States Secretary of Transportation in the Midwest under the Jimmy Carter Administration.


Bob holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Iowa City. He’s also completed Transportation Officers Basic and Advance Courses.


Bob Krause

President — Veterans National Recovery Center




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