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Top 100 People in Finance

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Bobby Cherry

Soon after beginning his career in the financial services industry, Bobby Cherry realized that looking after clients takes more than selling them products. He learned that the best approach is to avoid conflicts of interest and to put the client’s needs first. Today, with over two decades of experience, Bobby continues to adhere to the highest ethical standards. As the chief investment officer of D’Arcy Wealth Management, Inc. and as the president of D’Arcy Insurance Agency, LLC., his expertise is in placing the interests of his clients above all else by delivering solid investment and insurance strategies personally tailored to their needs.

Founded in 2016, D’Arcy Wealth Management and D’Arcy Insurance Agency are two separate firms located in Corona, California. While providing the strategic efficiency and service of a hedge fund, the intimate family atmosphere and smaller client base sets them apart from other, more typical, financial services offices. Bobby does not offer financial planning but specializes in building portfolios and specific investments where opportunities are based upon an individual’s risk qualifications. He explains, “Since everyone has unique situations and invests differently, I customize portfolios to specifically suit the needs of each clients.”

Another characteristic that makes Bobby unique is his dedication to providing fair and equal service. He noticed early on in his career that clients who had $250 thousand or above in assets received more attention and resources. However, Bobby’s ideology is that all clients, regardless of the amount of wealth they possess, should be given appropriate recommendations and personalized service. By utilizing his abilities, technology, and connections, Bobby is able to deliver these services, for all clients. Whether it is cash management platforms or financial products, Bobby offers all clients a breadth of investment opportunities so they can enjoy the same level of confidence in their investments.



Bobby Cherry

Chief Investment Officer

D’Arcy Wealth Management, Inc.


D’Arcy Insurance Agency, LLC.

387 Magnolia Avenue, Suite 103-523

Corona, California  92879


Websites:  ꟾ

Facebook: @darcyinsuranceagency  ꟾ  @DarcyWealthManagement

Instagram:  ꟾ

YouTube: (D’Arcy Wealth)


LinkedIn:  |’arcy-wealth-management-inc/

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