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Brad Bennett

Brad Bennett has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and a natural talent for business, reselling yard sale items at a profit and selling candy bars at school as a kid. He credits this “hustler mentality” and insatiable thirst for knowledge for helping him make his first million at the age of 27. Coming from humble, blue-collar roots, Brad knows intimately the value of grit, determination, and risk-taking, as well as being outgoing, personable, and connecting with people. These traits, combined with his business savvy and skill, have earned him numerous awards over his 13 years in the consumer direct financial services industry—including 2009 Rookie of the Year and 2010 Loan Officer of the Year in the reverse mortgage industry and inclusion in the elite 2017 Millionaires Club. As vice president of the Retail Consumer Direct Division of RealFi Home Funding Corp., Brad brings that same passion and drive—and the experience that comes from personally executing 1,400 loans over his career—to lead growing a team of loan officers and operations experts in serving clients in a nationwide, expanding footprint.


Brad joined New York-based RealFi, a non-bank mortgage lending firm, in June of 2020. He brought with him valuable experience as a licensed mortgage loan originator and his insight from previous roles as managing partner and co-founder of the Reverse Mortgage Corporation and director of operations for GSF Reverse. A hands-on leader, Brad works closely with his team to provide retail consumer services for RealFi Home Funding client base. He strives to create and maintain a culture of individualized attention, empowerment, and support for everyone. With consumer demand growing, the firm is continuing to recruit new talent to meet their needs.


RealFi is currently expanding rapidly, creating new leadership roles as well as investing in abundance of new technology for even better customer service and conversion. To support this expansion, Brad is moving into an executive leadership management role, where he will create, scale, and develop a new consumer direct division for the company. “Since I got into this business, I’ve always been focused on how to become a better leader, a better salesperson,” Brad shares. “Now, at 34 years old, I’m very excited for what the next decade will bring in terms of personal growth and professional success.”


Brad is a Certified Trainer in SLP (straight line persuasion sales training) and is certified in I.M.P.A.C.T selling. In addition, he has honed his skills through enormous amounts of reading and targeted research in the subjects of call center management, sales psychology, sales leadership, and budgeting and forecasting (projections/proformas).


Brad Bennett

Vice President, Retail Consumer Direct Division — RealFi Home Funding Corp.


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