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Brad and Gursher appear in the Top 100 

Innovators & Entrepreneurs Magazine

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Slide 1: Brad Binder  Slide 2: Gursher Gill

Brad Binder and Gursher Gill


Brad Binder has been in the mortgage space for more than 22 years, over which he’s discovered and mastered every facet and nuance of the often-complex industry, including what makes a better experience for everyone in real estate in terms of delivering a more affordable product, more personalized service, and partnering with the right people. But those 22 years also illuminated some of the ways in which the industry could be improved. His partner, Gursher Gill, whose experience includes not only real estate, but retail, hospitality, and international marketing and strategy, felt the same. In addition, Gursher’s work in the tech space, helping startups with their go-to-market strategies and program development and management gave him insight into how technology can prove a vital bridge across industry gaps. With their dedication to exemplary service, Brad and Gursher decided to create something that not only saved time and money, but served as a one-stop shop where customers could be paired with the right professionals for their specific needs and get the best experience possible.

That something became Ask Local, the brainchild of Brad and Gursher that took two and a half years to perfect before launching in Northeastern Ohio with eight real estate teams and four other vendors already on board, allowing consumers to do everything from one convenient portal.

Using real estate industry gaps as inspiration

When Gursher moved to California to work with startups, he found completing transactions to be a cumbersome, arduous process, and that money was spent too often on marketing rather than creating a frictionless experience. Brad was finding something similar. “Back in the day, there was Angie’s List to connect people with the right vendors, but that was it,” he says. “It didn’t allow the transaction to be completed, and it wasn’t algorithm-based. Our central marketplace solves that problem to optimize the process flow.” Meanwhile, Gursher wanted to create a system that would provide such value that customers and vendors alike would stay with it long-term.

Ask Local provides a full-spectrum service for everyone in real estate

Ask Local is an online marketplace for the real estate community, while also delivering software and tools to prospective clients. These tools provide real estate professionals with up-to-date information so they can avoid pitfalls and surprises, while also driving SEO and PPC to the Ask Local site for lead generation.

Ask Local offers a home search tool that far exceeds the average mortgage calculator, with rates and terms coming directly from their wholesale lenders. Real estate professionals are partnered with other locals so that everyone can work together towards a common goal and achieve the best outcome for everyone. By allowing local professionals to partner and work together, they ensure mutually beneficial outcomes, and the free tools, tech, and support mean everyone stays ahead of the game and the process stays ahead of schedule.

“There are two sides of the spectrum in this business: companies helping people develop websites, and then the Zillows of the world, and many of these companies are extremely overpriced.” Brad explains. “We’ve been able to eliminate the middlemen, which cuts costs and drives savings to our consumers.” By providing a one-stop shop based on state-of-the-art technology and minimal overhead, Ask Local means better interest rates, lower fees and title rates, better access to estate planning, financial services, and more.

Changing the game for a better experience and a better community

Brad and Gursher know that nothing matters quite as much as trust when it comes to building a successful and sustainable business and community, and their focus remains firmly on providing the best possible product. “I strive to stay high-minded even when there is opportunity to be low-minded,” he says. That integrity and the consistency of driving the best to the client base has resulted in an ever-growing network of some of the best realtors, builders, and other professionals in the market who see Brad, Gursher, and Ask Local as a trusted resource. “I love building trust in the community, and the opportunity to change the game,” Brad says. “There’s a real void in this space that has been there for some time, and the real estate model is broken in many ways, so I’m driven by creating a better workflow.” Gursher echoes the sentiment. “Trust is hard to come by in this industry, it’s important for our customers and partners to have someone they can stick with and trust, and we can do that by providing the right value proposition.”


Brad Binder

Managing Partner


Gursher Gill
Managing Partner




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