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Brad Cullipher

Brad Cullipher, the founder and CEO of HomeVantage Mortgage, has built a distinguished seventeen-year career in the mortgage industry based upon his ability to overcome complex business challenges through sound judgement and impeccable integrity. Brad is a single father to three children-ages twelve, fourteen, and nineteen. Impressively, throughout his rising career, he has managed to raise his two youngest boys on his own-starting from the time they were babies. As an avid investor, father, mentor, and leader, Brad has always been dedicated to helping those around him find and fulfill their life’s purpose.

What was your experience before you founded HomeVantage? 

I served in the U.S. Army, and then transitioned into telemarketing where I become one of the top telemarketing professionals in the nation for many years. Since 2003, I’ve served in multiple leadership positions within the mortgage industry such as branch manager, executive vice president, top producer, and executive level coach-mentor to growing professionals. In 2017, I originated 127 million dollars in loans. By building and leveraging my team, I was able to spend less than an hour a day on my mortgage business.

What led you to start your own company?

I’m good at what I do. I’ve originated at top levels for many years, and the mortgage industry comes naturally to me. I also understand the importance of putting technology into place and scaling with tools that could be used on an individual basis. I saw that everyone around me was drawn to this, so I knew that it would work if I built a company. 

How did you devise the platform to create the company?

The entire platform was based on everything I already knew- technology, sales, leadership and mortgage. I knew that technology can scale, but people can’t. I also knew to take the burdens off the originators to allow them to do more with less and the difference between a successful person and an uber-successful person was the ability to understand the needs of one’s clients. 

Explain your business platform.

It was a multitude of customer relationship management technology (CRMs) and software programs blended to make one perfect process. Having the right technology in place takes a lot of the nuances off the originators and streamlines communication to all parties involved in the loan transaction. Everyone wants to know where their loan is, so updates are sent out every fifteen minutes. CRM’s also monitor data, and know when a potential borrower, who may not have previously qualified, may have had a change in financial status without having to reach out to them. The mobile application, from an originator’s standpoint, can be virtual, so the originator can have access to everything. 

What separates you from others or makes you unique?

It’s HomeVantage; our people, our passion, our drive. We put others first. It comes down to focusing on others, which is why we’ve been extremely successful. HomeVantage has accomplished more in twelve months than most do in fifteen years. The focus is entirely on the loan officer, branch manager, and originator- helping them to grow their business. We are a team, so the better the team does, the better we all do.

What kinds of charitable works are you involved with? 

I try to focus on things that are important like our local heroes and anyone who shapes our generation; such as, teachers, community workers, and veterans.  I am an Army veteran myself, so I always support the military.

HomeVantage Mortgage
8100 Shoal Creek Blvd., Austin, TX  78757
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