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Brad Garfield


In the bustling heart of Baltimore, a visionary leader named Brad Garfield embarked on a mission that would forever change the way the world looked at traffic management. As the founder and CEO of green ocean AI, Brad is a man driven by innovation, ethics, and a relentless desire to transform the tangled web of traffic into a seamless "green ocean" driving experience.


With an MBA from Loyola University and a background in both investment management and software sales leadership, Brad possesses a unique blend of financial acumen and technological prowess. Yet, his greatest accomplishment lay in his ability to assemble a remarkable team capable of turning a simple idea into a revolutionary vision.


green ocean AI, headquartered in Baltimore, is a perfect example of ethical and responsible AI usage. Committed to ensuring that every decision made at his company adheres to these principles, Brad’s  primary goals are clear: the elimination of gridlock, the reduction of emissions, and ensuring the safety of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. At the core of their groundbreaking venture is green ocean AI’s proprietary Traffic Management Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). This technology allows them to partner with strategic agencies and cities, instantly making roads safer, less congested, and more environmentally friendly. Their software seamlessly integrates with existing traffic hardware, analyzing real-time data to develop the most efficient traffic patterns. What truly sets green ocean AI apart, however, is their commitment to transparency and accessibility. They provide their partners with a portal offering real-time traffic footage, dashboards, and analytics—an unprecedented level of information and control for city authorities.


green ocean AI is named for the feeling people experience when catching several green lights in a row, commonly referred to as a 'green wave.' Brad's vision is to turn this sensation into a 'green ocean,' where AI reshapes the landscape enhancing safety and decreasing traffic congestion. For example, in the event of accidents, traffic violations, or emergencies, green ocean AI's system swiftly adapts traffic patterns to protect as many lives as possible. If law enforcement needs to locate a vehicle quickly, their platform can identify and track it in real-time, even with minimal information like the make and model.


Beyond safety, green ocean AI addresses the pressing issue of increasing traffic congestion and emissions. While some cities resort to congestion taxes, green ocean AI offers a better solution. By using their cutting-edge technology to optimize traffic patterns in real-time, they can accommodate the current and future influx of vehicles while simultaneously reducing emissions.


Brad's vision and green ocean AI's commitment to ethical AI are reshaping the landscape of traffic management. They aren’t just revolutionizing an industry—they are championing a greener, safer, and more efficient future for cities around the world.



Brad Garfield
Founder, President, CEO
green ocean AI


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