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Bradley Thomas

In the dynamic world of business, the journey to success can often feel like navigating a labyrinth—fraught with uncertainties and pitfalls at every turn. But for Bradley Thomas, CEO and founder of Franchise Empowerment, the path to financial independence is paved with clarity and opportunity.

With a distinguished background in business consulting, marketing, and sales spanning over 30 years, Bradley is not just an entrepreneur; he's a seasoned navigator of the corporate landscape. Add to that, a notable educational foundation including a BS in Business Administration from Ashland University, where he was a national delegate for Signa Alpha Epsilon, and you have quite the resumé. But Bradley’s qualifications don’t end there. He also boasts an impressive array of certifications, including Certified Franchise Broker, Certified Franchise Sales Compliance, and Certified Franchise Immigration Specialist. Further, he is affiliated with five leading national franchise consulting firms, namely, Franchise Brokers Association; International Franchise Professionals Group; Franserve; Franchise Navigator; and Franchise City. Pedigree aside, Brad cut his teeth in a successful family-run business and later honed his skills at industry behemoths like Kraft Foods and Thomas Music. Then, in 2012, Bradley retired and experienced a pivotal moment. After conquering the business world, he set his sights on giving something back to it. And thus, Franchise Empowerment was born—a beacon of hope for aspiring entrepreneurs.

At the heart of Franchise Empowerment lies a singular mission: to help individuals from all walks of life become successful business owners. And, with only 5% of the population destined to become business owners, Bradley understands the importance of leading aspiring entrepreneurs towards the right path. Through their meticulous franchise investigation process, Bradley and his team identify companies with proven track records and recession-tolerant business models, ensuring their clients have the best chance for success. From multimillionaire investment managers to novices with modest budgets, Franchise Empowerment caters to clients of all backgrounds and aspirations. Their expertise lies in finding the perfect franchise or business opportunity tailored to each individual's skills, interests, and personality. “Franchising works very effectively IF you follow the rules,” Bradley shares. “I am not interested in helping people get into businesses that they will fail at. That is why we take our clients through a personality profile, a number of interviews, and train them throughout the franchise award process—so they understand what it means to be a successful franchisee.” Clearly, with access to over 700 franchise and businesses across 275 industry categories, Franchise Empowerment isn't just in the business of opening doors; they're in the business of unlocking possibilities.

To Bradley, achievement is about making a meaningful impact on people's lives. As he often says, “Success isn’t about how much money or possessions you have, it’s about the person you are and how you treat people.” He firmly believes that franchising, when approached with integrity and passion, has the power to transform not just individuals, but entire communities. Through their unwavering commitment to coaching, educating, and empowering aspiring entrepreneurs, Bradley Thomas and Franchise Empowerment are rewriting the narrative of business ownership, one success story at a time.

Bradley Thomas
Founder and CEO
Franchise Empowerment

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