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Brandon Abidin

Brandon Abidin might have gotten into the mortgage industry by chance, but it turned out that his sports background, healthy sense of competition, and determination made him ideal for the field. After a motorcycle accident in college rendered him unable to play, he entered the mortgage industry at just 21 years old. For three years after that, he was the top-performing manager in the company. In 2005, he went out on his own and managed his own businesses for a decade, even during the 2008 mortgage collapse. 

Today, Brandon has been in mortgage for more than 20 years, weathering the ups, downs, and everything in between. In 2013, he launched his own firm, Intelligent Mortgage, with the vision for an all-in-one mortgage firm offering every product and service and one that served underprivileged and lower-income clients who had faced rejections elsewhere. Brandon, who is licensed in LA, FL, TX, AL, MS, VA, handles tough cases others might shy away from, and it’s earned him a reputation as someone who gets things done—no matter what. 

Since founding Intelligent Mortgage, Brandon has been able to successfully pivot and adapt even in some truly challenging times, including Hurricane Katrina, the 2016 flooding, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Intelligent Mortgage has also been a price leader in multiple areas, always offering the best rates, even if it means taking a bit of a loss. “There have been times we’ve done a deal and lost revenue just to help a client,” he says. “Customer acquisition is much more important than profit.” It’s this kind of dedication that has earned Brandon a place in both the Baton Rouge Business Hall of Fame and in Best of Baton Rouge six years in a row, as well as an award from Home Bridge Financial for funding $100 million in mortgages. 

For Brandon, though, it’s less about the accolades and more about helping thousands of families get homes after being turned down by everyone else—and he makes lifelong friends in the process for always going the extra mile for them. “Anyone can do a jumbo loan, and I do a ton of them, but they’re not as rewarding as helping families in need,” he says.  The other thing that Brandon puts above personal success or awards is the growth of his team!  All of his loan officers are also personally trained by his mortgage coach, Ben Anderson, in The Academy for loan originators.  
Brandon’s goal for the coming years is to transition out of production and focus entirely on company growth, which led to him accepting an offer with one of America’s largest and best mortgage companies, Guaranteed Rate!  This was not an easy decision, but after months of negotiations and seeing the vision at Guaranteed Rate, the choice became more obvious. The layers of support, speed of underwriting, and #1 realtor-recommended mortgage company in the nation has all the tools for Brandon to continue his dream of providing the absolute best experience to his clients.

Brandon Abidin

President — Intelligent Mortgage



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