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Brandon Brown

Known throughout the greater Detroit area as an entrepreneur and insurance industry leader, Brandon Brown is focused on the future of insurance and the important role new technologies play in improving consumer experience. Brandon is a crypto advocate and understands the business applications of blockchain and artificial intelligence. As a result, Brandon recently started an insurance revolution by developing noblCRYPTO, the first insurance of its kind to protect cryptocurrency holders against hackers. As a co-founder and chief executive officer at nobl Insurance, Brandon is now educating the public on how he and his team can make insurance an easy, affordable, and positive experience. 

The idea for starting nobl Insurance began in 2017 when Brandon and co-founder Nick Hurst set out to solve consumer dissatisfaction within the insurance industry. Through their daily front-line interactions, both men had been exposed to customers’ frustrations and structural problems that often led to difficulty making and processing claims efficiently. Thus, Brandon and Nick set out to create a transparent business model that would remove the conflict between the policyholder and the insurance company by turning policyholders into owners. When the insurance company is successful, the policyholders win.

nobl’s platform utilizes technology to remove underwriters and adjusters from its peer-to-peer risk-sharing model. By removing the complication and expense of traditional insurance, they could now deliver a revolutionary “hot-wallet” insurance policy that is cost effective. “This simply could not be done in a traditional insurance model,” says Brandon. nobl receives a flat fee to run the daily operations of the insurance company, and policyholders own the company and receive 100% of the dividends paid. nobl has no incentive to deny claims. This allows nobl to act fairly in the best interest of all policyholders.

Next, Brandon and Nick began to focus on insurance innovation. They wanted to begin the nobl revolution with a sector that is underserved by the insurance industry. “Cryptocurrency [digital assets] made perfect sense. With billions of dollars stolen in hacks, it’s an industry crying out for the protection that only insurance can provide,” explains Brandon. “Emerging markets benefit most from infrastructure. noblCRYPTO is the missing link in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Insurance will bring confidence to new entrants and those already in the space.”

They are set to be a US-regulated web-based, direct-to-consumer insurance company serving all 50 states. Through their product, noblCRYPTO, they provide the only solution to the number-one threat in crypto, which is the risk of hackers. According to Brandon, noblCRYPTO is an affordable insurance that protects individual investors with limits up to $50,000. If an exchange is hacked, and a policyholder’s cryptocurrency is stolen or the exchange goes out of business due to the hack, nobl’s platform will process the claim and pay out quickly. Brandon explains, “We want to be more than just another insurance carrier. We want people to see insurance as a force for good again.”


Brandon Brown, CEO & Co-Founder: nobl

1030 Doris Rd, Auburn Hills, MI 48326

Instagram: @noblinsurance

Facebook: @noblinsure
Twitter: @NOBLinsure

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