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Brandon Cobb

As a senior loan officer with Strong Home Mortgage, Brandon Cobb brings over twelve years of experience in the lending industry to his current role. With diversified experience in sales, marketing, management and corporate training, Brandon provides an in-depth understanding of the lending and finance industry to all of his clients.

Prior to joining Strong Home Mortgage, Brandon spent ten years as a senior loan officer at J.G. Wentworth, a financial services company. In addition to successfully managing that position, he also spent five years as a sales manager and corporate sales trainer. In that role, he successfully built and organized a training academy for new loan officers. As the sales trainer for the direct lending division of the business, Brandon used his experience to improve the performance of the sales department by helping existing and new loan officers to reach their full potential.  In a typical year, he would train from 50 to 100 loan officers in the areas of both direct to consumer and retail lending.  He explained, “Some of our employees were fresh out of college, with no experience at all.  I presented an in-depth and complete training program that covered every facet of the industry from A to Z.   I also created a comprehensive training manual, covering guidelines, compliance, sales and financing strategies – my focus with this program was teaching Loan Officers how to achieve long term career success.”

Brandon conveyed that the training program was a huge success because, “The goal was to develop a sales force that were skilled advisors, knowledgeable of lending programs and strategies along with the understanding how to run their own businesses.” Over the years, he trained over several hundred new employees. As a result of their focused and expert training, this population of new loan officers produced a high volume of sales.

In May 2018, Brandon transitioned into his new role as a senior loan officer at Strong Home Mortgage. Strong Home Mortgage offers customers competitively priced lending options and an easy and efficient lending experience. They have a team of highly experienced operational staff and loan officers that truly understand the guidelines and the entire lending process.

Brandon focuses on personalized mortgage planning.  He offers his customers a positive lending experience and takes the time to help them understand the entire financial lending and decision-making processes. He also works closely with realtors to help them grow their businesses by creating a positive lender/realtor relationship.

In addition to his twelve years of hands-on lending experience, Brandon is a certified mortgage planning specialist (CMPS), a certified military housing specialist(CMHS) and a certified divorce lending professional (CDLP).

Brandon Cobb, CMPS, CMHS, CDLP

Senior Loan Officer


Strong Home Mortgage | NMLS #: 177497

9408 Grant Avenue, Suite 302, Manassas, VA 20110

NMLS #1675638

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