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Brandon Dei, Esq.


Brandon Dei got his start representing people in difficult situations during the midst of the global pandemic, when eviction laws were ever-changing. “We did a lot of landlord/tenant and foreclosure work with people facing evictions who were going to have their houses literally sold out from under them,” he states. “At the time, people didn’t really know how to address these issues, since it was such new territory.” Brandon represented defendants in foreclosure and landlord/tenant matters throughout COVID-19 and was part of the federal lawsuit against Legend Venture Partners, LLC. He’s also done significant appellate work within the New York State foreclosure law.


From there, he continued fighting the good fight as managing partner at The Law Offices of Brandon Dei, PLLC, where he’s leading the charge as an advocate for the underdog. “We’re all about the everyday person who’s down and needs an attorney to stand up for his rights. I love fighting for the common guy because, for me, it’s all about the client,” he shares. With a client base spanning the globe, the firm specializes in FINRA arbitration and securities litigation, bringing those who’ve committed violations to justice. “Our victims are public investors, and the cases generally involve a lot of money,” he states. “Oftentimes, we’re dealing with retirement or savings funds that have gotten destroyed, so the stakes are high.”


Known for bringing cases against stockbrokers, the firm fights for what’s right. “The attorneys are tough and aggressive, it’s a whole mentality where we stand up and they have to push back,” Brandon explains. “We come with power and force, representing the normal, everyday kind of guy and we’ve built a reputation for not taking it.” With an unmatched reach and intricate knowledge of the industry, the firm has connections around the world, which helps pack a serious punch in the fight for what’s right. “Our arbitrations and litigation have resulted in being able to get significant funds back for our clients, which is incredibly rewarding,” he states. “These guys are always in an underdog situation, and we fight for the 99% going up against the 1%.”


In addition to acknowledging his team, Brandon would like to thank his new wife, Whitney, for her support.


Brandon holds a law degree from Hofstra University.


Brandon Dei, Esq.

Managing Partner — The Law Offices of Brandon Dei, PLLC


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