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Brandon San Antonio

If you’ve ever purchased a home, automobile, or electronic device, you’ve probably experienced the high-pressure tactics to sell you an overpriced extended warranty. Brandon San Antonio knows how that feels. “Traditionally, these products have been designed with everyone but the customer in mind. Huge mark-ups, poor customer service and non-transparent claims. With so many middlemen in the process, the value is lost,” he explains.

That’s why Brandon, whose experience includes commercial real estate with Cushman and Wakefield and financial advisory with Stanwich Capital Advisors, created Everything Breaks. The company’s tongue-in-cheek name refers to the fact that all products need to be repaired or replaced at some point. Brandon’s company is disrupting the $40 billion warranty industry by cutting out middlemen retailers and dealers. Brandon markets directly to customers, handling the marketing, selling, and claims administration entirely in-house. It allows him to give customers exactly what they want at the lowest price possible, all in a flexible, contract-free monthly subscription package that’s changing the way people make major purchases.

The other thing setting Everything Breaks apart is the breadth of their product offerings. Unlike other companies, they cover home, auto, and electronics including bundles for discounts with other products coming in the near future. “We want to embrace the customer and everything they need,” he says. And with a $20 million raise completed at the end of 2021, Brandon is excited about the future. “We control the complete user experience,” Brandon continues. “Everything is simple on our website, you can shop and purchase only what you need. We’ve built our back-end system so claims can be handled quickly and efficiently.” Their dedication to a seamless, intuitive customer experience means people are happy to return, and if something does go wrong, issues are handled with a personal touch to make things right. “There’s only one phone number to call because they’re only dealing with one company.” And it’s his honesty and willingness to be up front and realistic that customers find so refreshing, and keeps them coming back. It also inspired their motto: “Don’t let perfect get in the way of good.”


Brandon San Antonio

CEO —  Everything Breaks


LinkedIn: Brandon San Antonio

Facebook: Brandon San Antonio

Instagram: @EverythngBreaks; @Just_the_chip

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