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Brandon Sexton


When Brandon Sexton launched Divine Hemp’s clothing line in December 2021, it took off, with their sweatshirts selling out almost immediately and consumers snatching up their stylish hemp-based apparel almost faster than they could produce it. From casual wear to professional attire, active wear to cultural fashions, each piece of Divine Hemp’s apparel is breathable, durable, comfortable, and made to last. Now consider this—it decomposes completely in just 78 days, so it can be put in the soil to feed the environment.

While this is an extraordinary debut for any new company, apparel is part of a much bigger mission that Brandon has in mind. As New Jersey's first multi-product hemp organization, Divine Hemp is not just a clothing brand, not just an innovative producer of revolutionary products; they are agents of change leading a movement that’s sweeping the nation: ecological consciousness. From towels to dinnerware to utensils molded from hemp, Divine Hemp is recreating the product potential of textiles and bio plastics for products in homes for everyday, reusable, and fully degradable use. “I’m very scientific-minded, and the point, since I was young, was to create something that enhances life in cyclical motion,” Brandon shares. “Our goal is to incorporate hemp products into all points of society, while focusing on R&D to expand our offerings to improve people’s lives while protecting the environment with true ecological products.”

As a young visionary of an on the rise company, at just 23 years old, Brandon has already made his mark as a trailblazer, an innovator, and a successful leader. Yet he defines “success” through a different lens than most business leaders. “Everybody gets caught up in the money. But what is your influence? Will it be for the side of better or for the side of the status quo? I never believed in the status quo,” he says. “We want to help people who can’t help themselves, and I want to help other entrepreneurs. Helping others will always outweigh the status quo.”


We met with Brandon to hear more about his inspiration to start Divine Hemp, the innovative science behind their products, their mission to help others—and his unique philosophy as a business leader.


What inspired you to start Divine Hemp?


My inspiration came from the history of the plant and myself. This ecological ecosystem has always been a part of my thoughts. The way my supporters and friends would perceive me was also a strong motivator to creating this system.


You’ve married style, quality, and environmental responsibility with sustainable apparel that can also be used as compost. Tell us about this.


Hemp clothing is the first step to our agricultural enhancement system. After enough byproduct from the plant is in circulation, both small-scale residential and large-scale vegetation, the healing of degraded land and soil will be the catalyst for abundance in food, consumer products, health, and longevity. This system will be open to all residential applications regardless of allotted space with a full 78-day deterioration of hemp apparel as shown on our social media. 


Two of your specialties are clothing enhancement for modern fashion and for those who are disabled or unable to clothe themselves. Will you share some details with us?


Family can be a blessing when they are adding ingredients to your recipe for prosperity. This idea of helping others that cannot help themselves came from that place. Integrating hospital wear from hemp for comfort and fluidity in design is one step; bio-based polymers for in-home protective applications is another for those that struggle with daily tasks.


Your overarching mission to help people extends to your unique philosophy as a business leader. Tell us more about this.


At the end of our lives, we don’t take anything with us, but we can leave a legacy, so what was our contribution to the world? Part of my morale is restructuring how a business exists, how it moves, what does it contribute? From the bottom to the top, everybody should be giving ideas to all chains of command. You’ve got to care about the peoples’ needs around you, know the people on your team and encourage them to voice their ideas and opinions. The greatest joy, as a leader, is that you can be there for someone, listen to their problems, goals, dreams, and help them find a solution to enhance their lives.


What is one piece of advice you’d give to young entrepreneurs?


Any words that come to you as negative are never valuable enough to get any energy from you and your visions. Keep your intent helpful and smile your way through people trying to throw you off your course, those are merely tests that gauge your real strength.


You’re also working on expanding to other innovative hemp-based products beyond apparel. What can consumers look forward to?


Consumers can look forward to pharmaceutical substitutes moving away from powdered supplements and focusing on liquid-based nootropics, hemp building materials, and hemp-based biopolymer product development for substitution and never-before-seen use cases.



Brandon Sexton

Founder— Divine Hemp LLC



Instagram: @divine.hemp

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