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Brandon Sherwood


Cortex Technology Capital was born when Brandon Sherwood, Leland Procell, and Drake Stachler came together to combine their diverse experiences into one passionately felt goal: to keep peoples’ money safe and futures secure. For Brandon, Cortex’s CIO, there was an even more personal reason: He was always fascinated by his grandfather’s investing acumen that had allowed him to retire at 40, but even more so by his ability to explain these complex concepts to an eight-year-old Brandon. The idea of making investing knowledge truly accessible to everyone stayed with Brandon through an award-winning, eight-year career in the U.S. Air Force alongside 12 years in the finance sector, where he focused on identifying and supporting healthy companies via quantitative analysis and back testing. In addition, Brandon was inspired by his father-in-law, a longtime Chicago trader who also provided important insight into the ever-changing markets, as well as his bank CEO mother and entrepreneur father. Brandon also adds that the support of his wife has made Cortex’s launch a possibility.

Cortex Technology Capital, a private investment firm headquartered in Denver, officially launched in 2021, but the team had been perfecting their strategies for two years prior to ensure everything was just right for their accredited investor clients. They even tested their model with their own capital first, and then back tested—and validated—it against one of the most challenging economic environments—2008. The result is a strategy that maintains high performance even in volatile markets. “You want to know if something is going wrong in the market now, before it happens,” Brandon says. To that end, Cortex focuses on maximizing gains and minimizing risks through their combination of fundamental, technical, and quantitative analysis to create unique investment strategies for high-end investors. “But we’re happy to talk to anyone and share our insights!” Brandon adds.

Their repeated success, and values of transparency, trust, and relationships have earned them significant growth via word-of-mouth alone. During the tumult of 2022, when many people lost up to 30% of their capital, Cortex was able to end the year in positive territory. “We’re incredibly proud we could help investors successfully navigate those waters,” Brandon says. “That’s why we do what we do. We watch the market almost 24/7 so that our clients have the freedom to pursue what is meaningful in their lives. Our clients have worked hard for their assets, and we feel responsible for taking care of them.”

Brandon Sherwood

Co-founder & CIO — Cortex Technology Capital



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