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Brandon Young

In 2019, seasoned professional Brandon Young left a successful career, working for a variety of large companies, to advance his own firm, Young Management & Consulting (YMC). Comprised of the crème de le crème, the YMC team is on a mission to deliver innovative solutions to an outdated industry. Brandon recognizes the need for extroverted technical professionals who understand the work, communicate effectively, and are highly structured. Having garnered more than 14 years of experience within corporate America, he also holds an in-depth understanding of where companies are missing the mark on employee and customer centricity, and he is inspired by YMC’s ability to fill that gap. With offices in Atlanta, Georgia, Newark, New Jersey, and Chicago, Illinois, YMC leverages the power and expertise of cutting-edge technology and a wealth of experience in the electric utility space.


Since its inception, the YMC has been responsible for projects ranging between $4K to $10M and up to more than $100M. These include project and construction management services for New Jersey’s Newark Switch Rebuild Project—Client Public Service Electric & Gas, valued at $361M; supporting the buildout of Verizon’s 5G network within the North Carolina markets, valued at $30 million; and the Georgia Power Company Grid Investment Program, valued at $7.2B. As a young, trailblazing, entrepreneur focused on the electric and gas, infrastructure, and technology industries, Brandon has been featured in the New Jersey Inquirer as well as The Chicago Weekly News and made TV appearances on ABC, NBC and CBS.


We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Brandon to learn more about his career journey and drive to help others, as well as YMC and the suite of services the firm has to offer.


What does your day-to-day look like as CEO?


My responsibilities include providing and guiding YMC’s vision and strategy to ensure sustainability and balanced growth. I also spend time kicking off new projects, fostering new and existing relationships, seeing that client expectations are being met by myself and our team, and making sure that our team members are happy and growing with the work they’re performing. 


Tell us about the suite of services you offer across energy, tech, and infrastructure as well as how you’re leveraging technology to benefit your clients.


Young Management & Consulting is comprised of industry subject matter experts who support project and construction management, environmental compliance, supply chain/procurement sourcing, innovative technology development, cutting-edge technology conceptual and product development, geospatial services, engineering, and technical field services.


Our team has an average of 20+ years of experience managing large scale construction projects and can take a client’s mobile or technology application from inception to application, with user and interface functionality. We’re able to meet the needs of our clients by hitting financial targets through budgeting and scheduling as well as by minimizing and reducing each project’s amount of risk and change orders. Other technical services we provide entail mobile app and web-based software development in the industries we serve. We automate and digitize data, streamline processes, track progress, and use tech tools to ensure projects are executed within a timely manner. We work with clients to bridge the gap between construction and technology by leveraging their data and modernized tech solutions such as AI and machine learning.


To what do you attribute YMC’s success?

YMC is unique because as a boutique professional service provider, we can offer highly customizable solutions. We also attract talented people and provide them with opportunities to grow, which makes them want to stay with us. Additionally, we’ve been able to connect with partners who share the same mission and values that we do and who have a strong wish to support small, diverse businesses.


What do you enjoy most about the work you do?


What I enjoy most is helping others. No matter what we do or what industry we work in, at the end of the day, it’s about helping someone else. We’re not only adding value to clients’ lives, but we’re also showing younger and minority generations that there are a lot of opportunities out there for them to be successful. Over the next 20, 30, or 40 years, I want to leave a legacy and set a new standard for how this industry works. I’m driven by my family and my brother’s legacy.


In what ways have you already been able to make an impact through YMC?

I stay engaged with all my team members, hire local talent, give to charity, and provide opportunities that may not fit the “typical” corporate profile. For example, during my first year in business as a full-time entrepreneur (in the midst of the pandemic), YMC donated $25,000 to charity. The money was spread across the areas where we work.

What positions did you hold prior to founding your own company?

I graduated from Auburn University with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and then spent my entire career supporting and managing large scale programs for utilities such as the Army National Guard, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, Burns & McDonnell, and Welty Energy. I also became a certified project management professional and earned a master’s degree in engineering construction management from University of Alabama Birmingham. My first position was at Burns & McDonnell, where I designed substations for Southern Company. I then accepted an opportunity with Burns & McDonnell to work in the field supporting Public Service Electric & Gas. This is where I saw exponential growth. I worked on the biggest projects along the East Coast. The team was experienced, and I was a sponge. I was then offered the opportunity to join the next biggest program ever executed by PSE&G, the Bergen-Linden Corridor Program. The experience I gained was paramount and served as the foundation to YMC. We’re doing what I saw worked in larger and smaller companies, and, ironically, we now have contracts with nearly all of my previous employers.


Brandon Young, PMP

Founder, President, and CEO

Young Management & Consulting


Instagram: @workwithyoung