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Brendan Riley

Brendan Riley is the founder and CEO of Riley Real Estate Ventures Inc, a respected real estate development firm based in the Greater Toronto Area. Since founding the company in 2017, he has quickly led his team in distinguishing themselves as one of Canada’s top firms—specializing in converting undervalued low to mid-rise multiplex buildings into high yielding modern real estate investment properties. In fact, Riley Real Estate Ventures Inc was named as 2019’s Elite Toronto Real Estate Awardee of Commercial Real Estate Development. Brendan will also be entering into three new industries — equity management, hospitality and agriculture. 

Please begin by telling us a bit more about Riley Real Estate Ventures Inc.

Since its inception, Riley Real Estate Ventures Inc has carved a very specialized niche in the real estate marketplace and has earned its reputation as a real estate firm with great execution ability, integrity, style, and sophistication both in and around the Greater Toronto Area. We turn undervalued low to mid-rise multiplex buildings into modern, stylish, and affordable investment properties and consistently create and develop a significant return for all our investors on all our projects. 

How would you describe your company’s motto or mission?

Since we always strive to create environments of opportunity in which others may reach their full potential, our mission statement is “Creating Wealth Through Maximizing the Potential of Underperforming Properties.” In addition, I have always embodied an abundant mindset instead of a scarcity mindset when it comes to business interactions, and this has proven to work very well for me and my business outcomes. I believe execution trumps knowledge every day of the week! If a person is serious about achieving company goals, or anything in life for that matter, he or she should take massive action.


What separates Riley Real Estate Ventures Inc from other real estate firms?


Simply put, our world-class team and culture set us apart from our competition. For instance, our company and employee values all align together, so we are clear on where we are going and what needs to be done. We are also extremely trustworthy by always doing what we say we are going to do, and we take pride in our consistent speed and execution with projects across the board as well as the high returns we generate for our investors and key stakeholders.


How are you able to generate the types of returns for your investors and business partners that you do? 


We stay laser-focused on the execution of our existing business model and avoid taking on any unnecessary exposure. This proven formula guarantees extreme accuracy in forecasting our finished project numbers and timelines, and it helps us to uphold the quality of our finished product.


As a business owner, what are the key components that you focus on?


I primarily focus on building and nurturing relationships, creating business strategy and development, executing initiatives and projects, maintaining cash flow, and incorporating company values as well as building and supporting a world class team.


What kind of work did you do prior to founding your own business?


I worked at a small boutique real estate firm as a project manager/investment partner. Learning all the intricacies within the departments of the company helped to accelerate my growth and to equip me with the ability to make projections three to five years out, which I currently apply at Riley Real Estate Ventures Inc. In other words, I not only know what company strategies and initiatives work well but also what does not work well. As a result, I can effectively determine which strategies or business models to avoid at this particular life cycle of our business.   

Where do you see Riley Real Estate Ventures Inc heading in the future?


Exciting times are ahead for our company.  We are in the middle of structuring a partnership to launch a real estate backed private equity fund which will be centered around a blend of both stabilized and new construction projects. Being part of this new venture which will certainly accelerate the growth of the company. In one to two years, we will also be launching our mid-rise new build development arm. Our new development projects will potentially include modular builds and will use alternative energy sources to run/operate the buildings as well as to integrate IOTs. We will essentially become more environmentally aware, reduce our carbon footprint on the planet, and embrace future technologies that are already being applied in our industry.


As you mentioned, we have also entered into three different industries this year. We invested in what I call “a beautiful slice of heaven on Earth,” a facility with the capacity to host large events such as stunning weddings, corporate events, and various types of retreats. We are very excited about this pet project and are looking forward to seeing where we can take it. We will also be looking to turn some of the land into farms for agricultural farming and livestock. While extremely low risk, these new ventures are currently showing a lot of potential and is somewhat diversifying our portfolio. Those interested in obtaining more information can visit the website:


Lastly, we have a trust account allocated exclusively for giving back to charities and communities in need. A percentage of Riley Real Estate Ventures Inc profits on all projects gets allocated to worthy causes. In the near future, we are eager to get more involved with several communities and charities so that we can begin allocating these funds.  


The future certainly looks bright for Riley Real Estate Inc. Are there any final thoughts you would like to share with us?


I’m a South African immigrant who arrived in Toronto 11 years ago with only $5,000 to my name. Through relentless hard work, grit, and focus as well as a bullet proof mindset, and discipline, I now am blessed with a loving wife, three beautiful young boys, and a thriving real estate firm that very much has its sight set on the future and all that it brings.  

Dream. Believe. Create. Succeed.



Brendan Riley

Founder & CEO

Riley Real Estate Ventures Inc


Instagram: @rileyrev

Facebook: Riley Real Estate  |  Riley Rev



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