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Brett Rosen & Deborah Braun

It’s not every day you hear about a company shutting down their website because they got too many calls, but that’s exactly what Brett Rosen and his business partner, Deborah Braun, had to do. They found themselves simply inundated with people wanting to work with their company, RB Capital Partners, Inc., because of its great model and favorable returns. If businesses clamoring to work with RB Capital Partners on this scale are any indication, the firm has been extremely successful due to their dedication to client companies and strategic investments.


Brett brings 14 years of financial expertise, including both private equity and public markets, and a wealth of experience in helping small businesses with their finances by cleaning up their debt structure and managing their balance sheets. “The major downfall for these small companies is they carry more debt than the value of the company,” he says. He had been working solo with his company Rosen Capital, LLC, for three years when he met Deborah, a consultant for a large company advising C-level executives. Brett got her a great return on an investment, and she was impressed—and curious. She wanted to know how he’d done it. Eventually, they started RB Capital Partners, Inc., together in La Jolla, California, where they work with smaller companies to get them out of debt, clean up their finances, and invest money into the businesses. They also operate Seapoint Capital Partners, Inc., a small investment firm, under RB Capital Partners.


As the driving force behind RB Capital Partners, Brett and Deborah invest in publicly traded companies and small start-ups, sometimes with the help of third-party traders, brokers, and lawyers. Brett describes the firm as less of a money lending company and more of a strategic investing firm. They like to focus on innovative companies that are working to make a positive impact. One of their current investments, at a little over $4 million, is Sunshine BioPharma, Inc., a pharmaceutical company that has previously developed a generic estrogen blocker to shrink breast cancer tumors, and recently developed a COVID-19 inhibitor in pill form currently preparing for FDA review. Their portfolio includes several innovative and emerging technology companies. One is BlockQuarry Corp. (formerly ISW Holdings, Inc.), a bitcoin mining company helmed by an ex-football player and keynote speaker at the Mining Disrupt Conference in Miami this past July. Another is Optec International, Inc., one of the most heavily followed stocks on the entire exchange and one of the most heavily traded in the OTC markets. The company creates PPE products, such as UV lights, under the guidance of former CDC directors who now work on their board. In addition, smaller companies get the benefit of Deborah’s experience with larger companies, something they would typically not be able to afford while she was working with her old firm. By having access to advice and insight often reserved for larger, older, and more established companies, Brett and Deborah’s clients come away with a more well-rounded knowledge of finances and strategies.


Brett and Deborah’s model has been extremely favorable for them as well as for their client companies. But it’s not just their expertise in both small and larger business finances that makes them so successful. “For us, transparency is the biggest thing,” Brett says. “We are a shareholder in all of these companies, and we believe in them. There is no other company like us that would ever be as transparent as we are. We even post copies of our notes and investments on Twitter.” In addition to keeping their clients informed via social media, they also travel frequently to meet with them in person, a rare courtesy in the industry. “I care a lot about the companies I invest in,” he says.  In addition to investing in companies, Brett and Deborah also invest in their communities, making multiple anonymous donations to a variety of organizations, including women’s and Jewish community groups.



Brett Rosen & Deborah Braun

Founder & Managing Partner: Rosen Capital, LLC; RB Capital Partners, Inc.; Seapoint Capital Partners, Inc.

LinkedIn:  Brett Rosen, Deborah Braun Ph.D.

Twitter: @BrettRosen325, @deborahrachelb

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