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Bretton Badenoch


Innovation and discovery seem to come naturally to Bretton Badenoch. He’s helped uncover cellular mechanisms benefiting cancer research, was a Mayo Innovation Scholars Program participant, and a member of a team working on an anti-inflammatory drug prototype. He is also the founder and CEO of A&B Private Tutors, an MCAT prep company, wherein Bretton created high-quality free resources and cut the price of MCAT prep by over 95%. After working for a leading test prep company, he created his program in response to a growing sense of cognitive dissonance between his love of teaching and concern about the prices charged by prep programs. “It felt wrong to be supporting a system that helped the richest pre-med students become doctors, and not necessarily those best fit for the profession,” he shares.

A&B Private Tutors offers a three-part program, beginning with a customized study plan of online content—completely free—followed by a self-paced strategy component, including the seven essential MCAT strategies that Bretton has developed throughout his years of teaching. The program culminates in 10 hours of tutoring in small groups of less than five students, which helps to keep costs down while still providing an opportunity for one-on-one guidance. “The best part is seeing a student’s score improve and hear them say, ‘I understand it now!’” says Bretton. “I help people secure their future in medicine by gaining admission into top medical schools.”

Bretton holds a B.A. in neuroscience, chemistry, and biology, and is working on his PhD in cellular and molecular biology.


Bretton Badenoch

Founder & CEO — A&B Private Tutors



Facebook: A&B Private tutors

Instagram: @abprivatetutors

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