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Brian Gramlich

Brian Gramlich is the owner of Terrydale Capital, a leading commercial real estate financing and advisory firm headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Since its founding in 2017, the company has built strong relationships with major banks, lenders, and family offices across the U.S. and stayed in close contact with top-tier real estate sales brokers, investors, and REITs regarding opportunities of all sizes. This allows the firm to keep their fingers on the pulse of the market and to deliver some of the most competitive financing solutions in the industry. “Our mission is to help commercial real estate investors structure their financing needs and to take as many challenges out of the loan closing process as possible,” says Brian. 


Brian first saw the need for a more transparent view of real-time quotes and loan information in 2005 while helping to start a real estate brokerage in Kansas City. He then went on to oversee 1,500+ short sale transactions for a finance and servicing firm in Dallas, TX before ultimately launching his own firm. From its inception, Terrydale has focused on the basics, placed high regard on client relationships, and provided multiple means of interaction—including the innovative program, Terrydale Live, which allows clients to see market deals quoted in real time.


With over 60 years of combined experience, Brian and his staff use their expertise to take creative approaches to problem solving and keeping clients on the right track—no matter the size of a portfolio or scope of a project. The expert team takes the anxiety and guesswork out of closing a loan. “We’re always interested in discussing commercial loans with new clients and invite anyone who has enjoyed reading our story to reach out and let us know. In return, we’ll credit them on our fee at closing for the appraisal for up to $3,500,” Brian says.



Brian Gramlich 


Terrydale Capital




Twitter: TerrydaleCapit2

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