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Brian Roth

With more than fifteen years of diverse experience in finance and operations management, strategic planning, sales and marketing, mergers and acquisitions, and capital raising, Brian Roth is one of the most valuable leaders in his industry. He has the proven ability to perform complex analyses, lead teams of experts, efficiently manage multifaceted projects, and increase profitability in both large and small business environments. Today, as the chief executive officer at Ergosun Integrated Solar Roof Tiles and as the owner of Emergent Strategies, he leverages his experience to specialize in strategy and finance within growing entrepreneurial businesses. 


As CEO, Brian is responsible for leading all business operations at Ergosun and reporting to their board of directors. Ergosun’s mission is to solarize common building materials, making it easier and more aesthetically pleasing for people to integrate distributed rooftop solar into their homes, without resorting to unattractive solar panels. The Ergosun product is a polymer solar module that mounts seamlessly onto a standard concrete roof tile, for installation by roofers who already install concrete tiles every day. The combination of beautiful aesthetics and simple installation have enabled the business to experience international success over the last few years.


Brian joined Ergosun in 2017 as the chief financial officer when the product was first developed. Ergosun has since gotten the solar module certified for installation internationally and have begun commercialization. Most of the selling is done through global distributors, who are taught how to bond the modules onto concrete tiles in local markets and sell through to local builders and roofers for installation. Ergosun then works with their distribution partners to assist in brand building and customer acquisition within each of their own markets.


In addition to his work with Ergosun, Brian performs some strategy and financial advisory work for small to medium businesses under the brand of his own consulting company, Emergent Strategies. In order to help clients reach their goals, Brian focuses on three service areas: Value maximization, CFO-for-hire consulting, and corporate triage. In the value maximization service area, Brian works with business owners to evaluate what levers of control they have within their business, then builds a model to best leverage their strengths and opportunities to put them on a path to success. Brian delivers a model and metrics his clients can work towards and measure against on an ongoing basis. As a CFO-for-hire, Brian explains that “a lot of businesses, especially, in their early stages, need the strength a traditional CFO brings, but not full time.” Therefore, providing a hired consultant is often a better solution. In the third service area, corporate triage, Brian provides assistance to entrepreneurs, who have often ignored some of the documentation and filings necessary for fund-raising and other efforts during their focus on developing and launching their new products or services.


Prior to Ergosun and Emergent Strategies, Brian earned both a mechanical engineering degree as well as a Master of Business Administration degree. In his first role after graduate school, he joined a small entrepreneurial business that hired him to investigate other uses for the technology within their portfolio. Over the course of eight years there, Brian spent a time in both product management and strategic sales before taking over the finance and accounting portfolios as well. During his time there, he also became a chartered professional accountant (CPA) by attending night school. Brian and the rest of the senior management team eventually sold the business in a strategic acquisition.


Subsequently, Brian joined a building science engineering consulting firm. By opening several new offices, organically growing their existing offices, and making acquisitions of competing firms, Brian worked with the senior principals to grow revenues more than 65% in just three years. Brian credits all of his diverse work experience with putting him on a successful path and for ultimately preparing him for his current roles at Ergosun Integrated Solar and at Emergent Strategies.



Brian Roth

CEO, Ergosun Integrated Solar Roof Tiles

Owner, Emergent Strategies

Office 2415

200 – 120 Lonsdale Ave

North Vancouver, British Columbia V7M 2E8




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