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Brianne Harvey

Brianne Harvey has left an indelible mark within the hospitality industry. She is not just a seasoned professional; she is an innovator, an IT expert, a consultant, and, above all, a beacon of change in a traditionally male-dominated field.


Brianne Harvey is the CEO and founder of two pioneering establishments: Break Bread Consulting and Restaurant Resource. Simultaneously, she holds the title of VP of technology for Apicii in New York City. While her credentials are impressive, it's her journey and the genesis of her passion that truly set her apart.


At 16, young Brianne embarked on her hospitality journey at Rock Bottom Brewery, starting as a hostess in her hometown. This initiation into the world of service, taste, and management propelled her into various front-of-house roles, including server, bartender, and regional manager. Years later, while still serving tables in Denver, the fiery spirit of entrepreneurship ignited within her, inspiring her to establish her first company. The memories of her days at Rock Bottom Brewery served as a constant reminder, fueling her dedication to innovation in the industry she loved dearly.


But what makes Brianne's story unique is her blend of hands-on experience with a deep understanding of technology's role in the hospitality sector. Where many IT experts in the restaurant arena grapple with industry intricacies, Brianne's journey allows her to find common ground with chefs and managers, offering tailored solutions. This empathetic approach combined with her technological expertise bridges the gap between the logical world of tech and the unpredictable nature of hospitality. For Brianne, it's a harmonious marriage of two worlds, each complementing the other.


However, the path to success wasn't always smooth. In an industry where only 1 in 31 females holds a CEO position and a mere 23% manage to ascend to C-suite roles, Brianne's ascent is nothing short of revolutionary. As a young woman in her 20s, she not only observed a glaring need for technological innovation in restaurants, but chose to be the driving force behind that change. Recognizing that the demand would burgeon with time, she fearlessly ventured into uncharted territory, setting precedents along the way.


Brianne's second brainchild, Restaurant Resource, stands testament to her innovative spirit. The platform serves as a one-stop hub for the hospitality industry, offering a vast database ranging from software solutions and supplies (encompassing seafood to custom furniture) to service providers. Additionally, the company highlights both digital and in-person events, including tradeshows and educational webinars, underscoring Brianne's commitment to continuous learning and growth within the sector.


Brianne is not just a success story, but a narrative of passion, dedication, and innovation. Through her endeavors, she exemplifies that with the right blend of experience and vision, one can reshape industries, ensuring they are not only efficient, but also inclusive. Today, as the hospitality world stands on the cusp of technological transformation, there's no doubt that pioneers like Brianne Harvey are leading the way.


Brianne Harvey
Founder and CEO: Restaurant Resource      
Founder and CEO: Break Bread Consulting
Website:  and

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