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Top 100 People in Finance

Britt Doyle

Britt Doyle is a partner at Relevant Brands Holdings, LLC, a private equity and brand management group focused on the sport, fashion, and lifestyle industries. With three decades of financial investment experience, he takes his work seriously, but personally. “My favorite part of what we do is building relationships with families and the brands we invest in,” he shares.

As a hands-on leader with an MBA from USC, Britt works closely with the firm’s clients. “It’s a collaborative process—that’s the most fun for me,” he explains. “Once you understand what a particular group of investors is looking for, it’s easier to find common ground on a particular project we’re working on. Family offices have the opportunity to put money into something with the possibility of outsized returns because we feel we have more control of the outcome than a portfolio of public company stocks. Clients are looking for something that may diversify them, but maybe in an industry they understand already from making their own money in something similar.” 

Britt’s current focus lies in the recent acquisition of the Robert Talbott clothing brand. “We are re-launching the brand with some really talented people in the fall of 2020,” Britt explains. The firm is also focused on reinventing or master licensing of other mismanaged or orphaned brands within the athleisure and sports oriented apparel sector. In fact, the group recently acquired the master license agreement with the Armasuisse (the Swiss governing body overseeing all Swiss military activity) for all of the Swiss military brands, and will be launching several “Swiss-made” products in the next year. Transformation and reinvention—two elements that led Britt through devastating personal struggles and that drove him to join Relevant Brands Holdings in 2019. In 2008, in the midst of a two decade-long career managing money for wealthy clients as senior vice president of investments at Citi Family Office, his world started to shift. “It wasn’t satisfying for me anymore. I knew I wanted to do something different. I took the market twists and turns very personally, so it was hard for me,” he explains.  I wanted to build something for myself, and for my family that had longevity and purpose.

At the same time, Britt was enduring a personal crisis as his former wife struggled with substance abuse issues. “In 2008, all aspects of my life were falling apart—work and personal. This led me to focus on my family and my four kids, and find a mix of what I wanted to do and what I am good at, which is understanding complex alternative investment transactions, in the private equity space,” he shares. 

After reestablishing himself and his kids in a new home, Britt began building meaningful relationships in the family office space, especially investments that had an impact. “I could actually tell my kids it was something we could care about as a family and work on together. I wanted to make a difference, not only as a family, but in the things I personally cared about,” he explains. They started working as a family with Shatterproof, a New York-based organization attacking the opioid epidemic.

“From a professional standpoint, now it’s a matter of working on something with a purpose,” he explains. Britt is doing just that with Relevant Brands Holdings—reinventing and transforming brands—and in doing so, he’s bringing value to the families that invest alongside the firm by helping them to build wealth investing in something with a history. 

Britt serves on the the Alcohol and Other Drug Advisory Committee to the Board of Supervisors in Marin County, focusing on providing drug and alcohol information to middle-class families in the area, and he is an ambassador for Shatterproof. He has spoken at the CDC and at other events, sharing his family’s experience, and he and his kids were involved in the HBO documentary, Warning: This Drug May Kill You. He’s also written a book on the subject: Sedated: The Secret That Everyone Knew, but his greatest joy is watching his four kids thrive, each involved in addressing the opioid epidemic in some way.

Britt Doyle, Partner, Relevant Brands Holdings
101 Lucas Valley Rd., Suite 200, San Rafael, CA 94903

LI: Britt Doyle  |  FB: Britt Doyle

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