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Bruno Scarselli

In the world of luxury diamonds, few names are as revered and influential as Scarselli Diamonds, Inc., a multigenerational family business that traces its origin to post-World War II Riccione (circa 1955), where their expertise in rare diamonds began to flourish. At their helm as founder and managing director is Bruno Scarselli, a third-generation expert on rare, fancy color diamonds, who has not only continued his family’s legacy, but taken it to new heights.


Established in 1990 in New York City, the name Scarselli Diamonds, Inc. has become synonymous with impeccable and rare stones, as evidenced by several major displays featuring the world's rarest, most valuable, and desirable diamonds. Bruno curated "The Olympia Collection," the color diamond exhibition at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City from 2009 to 2011, and crafted the monumental "Kimberley Star," a pear-shaped diamond exceeding an impressive 111 carats. Under his direction, Scarselli Diamonds has also owned and displayed one-of-a-kind beauties such as the "Aurora Green," a gem that sold for $16.8 million at Christie's in 2016, shattering four world records in the process. Among other priceless stones in their portfolio are the "Golden Dragon," and the "Eye of the Dragon,” as well as the largest Heart shape red diamond, unveiled on Good Morning America on Valentine's Day.


Above and beyond revealing their unique creations to the public and beyond, Bruno's role at Scarselli Diamonds includes managing all aspects of product acquisitions, from the sourcing of raw diamonds to the scrupulous final certification process. Further, as the driving force behind the company's dynamic marketing strategies, he leverages over 33 years of in-depth expertise in promoting diamonds, as well as his knowledge of manufacturing, to create informative campaigns on social media channels. Bruno’s vision, however, extends beyond diamond showings and sales. In 2023, he embarked on a groundbreaking endeavor with the founding of, the first-ever patent-backed public blockchain platform tracking diamonds at the mine. not only provides comprehensive information about a diamond's provenance, but also tracks its entire journey from rough stones to polished gem, ensuring transparency, trust, and ethical sourcing. At the core of lies cutting-edge blockchain technology, a tool meticulously wielded by Bruno to combat fraud and promote ethical practices within the diamond trade. With 120 contracts established with artisan mines in South Africa and active pilots underway in Angola, Bruno's commitment to ethical sourcing and traceability is unwavering. Simultaneously, Bruno delves into the realms of Web3 and the Metaverse, seeking to revolutionize the diamond landscape. With a keen focus on legal and civil implications, he navigates the complexities of patent filings and technological advancements, paving the way for a future defined by transparency and accountability.


We spoke with Bruno to learn more about Scarselli Diamonds,, and how their missions intertwine to bring magnificent, ethically sourced diamonds to the world.


Bruno, you grew up surrounded by the diamond industry. Could you share a bit about your journey and the story behind Scarselli Diamonds?


My fascination with diamonds blossomed from a young age, nurtured by the vibrant atmosphere of my family's store. From the tender age of 8, I found myself immersed in the intricacies of the trade, as my parents operated a wholesale office in southern Italy during the winter months and a retail store in the north during the summer. It was during these formative years that I had the privilege of witnessing esteemed figures from various walks of life, including government officials, actors, and singers, frequenting my father's establishment. I consider myself immensely fortunate to have been the son of such a respected figure in the industry, absorbing invaluable insights and knowledge directly from him. This upbringing laid the foundation for my lifelong passion for diamonds and propelled me on the path to establishing Scarselli Diamonds—a testament to our enduring legacy and commitment to excellence in the world of luxury jewelry.


Is there a fourth generation of Scarselli in the industry?


No. is my sole focus now. It was created by diamond experts, for diamond experts. This is my family legacy—a testament to ability to innovate and build significant projects, especially with the support of my peers. With, individuals and businesses can achieve levels of autonomy and success beyond their imagination, transforming both their inventory and themselves in the process.


Tell us about and how it works. represents a groundbreaking approach to diamond tracking, ensuring transparency and traceability throughout the entire supply chain. Our system seamlessly integrates with the miners' operations, guaranteeing that all production entering our terminal is firsthand and aligns perfectly with our stringent standards. One of the key advantages of is its exceptional speed and efficiency. With the capability to upload 2 million rough stones or diamonds within just one hour, our platform facilitates uninterrupted production processes without any delays. What sets apart is our dedication to public blockchain technology. Unlike private blockchains, which may conceal certain information from the public eye, our platform prioritizes transparency and sustainability. Each customer is assigned a unique code linked to biometric signals, supplemented by a third identifier, granting them access to comprehensive insights into the entire lifecycle of the diamond. This approach empowers consumers to make informed decisions based on verified data.


Can your blockchain platform extend to other industries like gold, silver, and copper mining?


Absolutely. serves as a versatile bridge, capable of seamless communication with any blockchain, both within and outside our ecosystem. Whether it's gold, silver, or copper, our platform can be adapted to provide the same robust tracing capabilities. We've designed Authentia to be accessible and cost-effective for all, ensuring widespread adoption across diverse industries.


You've introduced groundbreaking patents like the Certificate of Origin and Certificate of Ownership for diamonds. Why are these important for protecting the industry and consumers?


In today's diamond market, origins can be obscured, leading consumers to misconceptions about where their diamonds come from. My Certificate of Origin addresses this by providing documented proof of a diamond's origin, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout its lifecycle. Additionally, my Title of Ownership patent establishes a blockchain-based protocol, offering the first-ever title of ownership for precious gems. With our proprietary nanotag technology and AI-guided validation nodes, consumers can track a diamond's journey from mine to market, bolstering trust and confidence in their purchases. Moreover, I've obtained a U.S. patent enabling smartphones to read and decode diamond nanotags, providing consumers with instant access to a gem's history and documentation, further enhancing transparency in the industry.




Bruno Scarselli

Managing Director and Founder of Scarselli Diamonds, Inc.

Founder of



Instagram: https://bruno.Scarselli

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