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Bryce Dryden

Bryce Dryden knows that the world can sometimes be a dangerous place, but he doesn’t want to prevent people from exploring or working in it. He also knew, from leading a business development division working for an international situational awareness company, that the technology to track assets, monitor events, and manage a response existed.  The issue was it was not making its way to the wider marketplace. That’s why about four years ago, he and two partners started Compass Island LLC, in Charleston, South Carolina. Compass Island took the tracking and global intelligence technology available and built a product specifically for the international business travel market. Through integrations to global intelligence data, travel systems for passive itinerary tracking, and active tracking through phone apps and over 100 tracking devices - companies and security personnel get true context on risk exposure, safety, and operations. Today, Compass Island’s technology is utilized globally and is the centerpiece for some of the most advanced private operations centers.


Their approach to the technology allows it to be tailored for their clients’ needs, taking an individualized, entrepreneurial approach. This includes multiple Fortune 500 companies looking to track their employees and manage their risk as they travel and get access to a complete situational awareness and event management system. By being aware of upcoming or ongoing issues, they can manage the safety of their people and their global operations.


Bryce’s company exists because he wanted to find other applications for technology that already existed and use it to benefit businesses and organizations. In fact, while working with a government contractor, he was put in charge of finding new uses for the technology, and Compass Island was the result of that endeavor. “For me, it is the ability to take a solution already out there and apply it to something completely different, a niche, or a problem that someone hasn’t solved,” he says. “The company has really embodied this idea of finding unique creative solutions that drive value and don’t require a massive team of developers.” He and his team are continuing to advance and deepen the Compass Island product set. 


Bryce Dryden

Managing Director — Compass Island, LLC


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