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Camille Theis

In the heart of Texas, amid the vast 8,000 acres of a deer hunting ranch, Camille Theis began her exceptional journey. For 12 years, she ruled this domain, proving that a woman could excel in a traditionally male environment.


At the age of 30, personal tragedy struck Camille, pushing her to gather her three children, relocate, and reconstruct her life from scratch. In 2010, she transitioned into the oil and gas sector as a salesperson. She now works at Industrial Tent Systems and Lodging Solutions, a family-owned stalwart since 1985, in the role as senior business development. Over the past 13 years, Camille has not only served as a top performer in sales, but has become a subject matter expert on temporary shelter as well as disaster response. In 2014, when The American Petroleum Institute made a groundbreaking announcement about engineered shelters, Camille seized the opportunity to become a trusted authority and advocate for Industrial Tent Systems’ temporary shelters, which are engineered to withstand explosions, as well as 150 mph winds.


In 2018, a cancer diagnosis could have halted her momentum. Instead, Camille transformed this challenge into a platform for change, highlighting the transformative power of positivity. Merging this personal experience with her professional insights, she became a beacon for young women aspiring to make a mark in the oil and gas sector. She is now often asked to speak publicly on positivity and breast cancer awareness.


Camille's life and career echoes a sentiment she holds dear, borrowed from Gandhi: "Your struggles develop your strengths." In her story, resilience doesn't just define her; it propels an entire industry forward.



Camille Theis
Senior Business Development
Industrial Tent Systems and Lodging Solutions

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