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Caner appears in the Top 50 Attorneys of 2019 Magazine

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Caner Demirayak

Caner Demirayak is a professional trial attorney who has successfully represented clients in high profile personal injury cases.  In addition to his comprehensive experience in personal injury cases, Caner is also dedicated to civil rights causes.

Caner has been practicing law for five years and has progressive experience representing clients on both sides of the legal landscape, working with both plaintiffs and defendants. He is licensed in New York and Florida. In addition to representing his own personal clients, he also works hand-in-hand with legal defense firms, often on multimillion dollar personal injury cases.  He is an accomplished litigator and has successfully litigated and secured significant settlements for numerous clients in many different cases.

Caner is also deeply focused on civil rights initiatives.  In 2017, he launched a federal civil rights lawsuit claiming that the State and City of New York discriminates against people with disabilities because the court houses are not accessible to those people with disabilities. This case has been mentioned in the NY Law Journal and the NY Post and has drawn attention and consideration by the United States Supreme Court. Caner explains that he is elated that the Supreme Court may consider the case.  As an advocate for civil rights and a person with a disability himself, Caner adds, “I look forward to continuing to file civil rights actions and fight on behalf of those who do not normally have the same opportunities and privileges that other people do.”

Caner graduated from Hofstra University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in political science and government and received his J.D. from Saint John’s University School of Law.  While in law school he gained valuable experience working as a criminal defense attorney for the Legal Aid Society and explains that he was already winning cases when he was still in law school, “I was fortunate to be able to establish the ability to successfully defend clients in difficult cases early on in my career.” This was apparent, especially in a case that he worked on where the client admitted guilt but the matter was ultimately dismissed based on a lack of evidence. In addition to working with several firms after graduating, he also gained hands-on experience in the political and legal arena while working as a legislative intern for a U.S. Senator in Washington, D.C. when he was still in college.

Caner works tirelessly on behalf of his clients as well for many ethical and civil rights initiatives and he is guided by the philosophy to work hard and never give up, “ I always fight for the best possible results for clients regardless of the situation and I am always striving to get the best results in everything that I do.”

Caner Demirayak - Trial Attorney

Law Office of Caner Demirayak, Esq.

300 Cadman Plaza West

One Pierrepont Plaza, 12th Floor 

Brooklyn, New York 11201




Download The Top 50 Attorneys of 2019 Magazine and see Caner's feature on page 30. 

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